Kyle Lewis to Wear EKS(X) Brand Goggles in 2009

EKS(X) Brand goggles is proud to announce that vet racer extraordinaire and privateer hero Kyle Lewis has signed on for the 2009 racing season. Kyle, a veteran of over twenty years of racing professional and a former 125 supercross winner and two time Japanese champion is racing on a selected events schedule that includes the Vet World Championships and the Glen Helen Pro National on May 23rd this year. Kyle will also be lining up at some local races, maybe some WORCS races and basically whatever he feels like doing.

Kyle will be using his vast experiences to help us R&D product and Lewis will be using the GOKS Liquid line of goggles and tear-offs. Look for the number 23 of “Lucky” Lewis on the starting line at a race near you!

Kyle would like to thank his personal sponsors: Mid Cities Honda, Kal-Gard, O’Neal, Sidi, Vemar, FMF, Dunlop, Factory Connection, ARC levers, TAG, 661, RK Chains, Sawer Construction, Astriks, Filtron filters, Block Shop, QTM, Dr Feel Good, Vince at BTO Sports, JYG Concrete, AIM Sports

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