EKS(X) Brand Goggles Salutes Team Green's Blake Green

EKS(X) Brand goggles would like to salute one of its rising stars on the amateur motocross circuit, Blake Green on his recent accomplishments in Texas. Blake, from Riverside California captured the 85cc 7-11 mod class at Lake Whitney and the next week Green took home the 85cc 7-11 stock class at Oak Hill motocross park. The path to the top in motocross is a long and hard climb but we know that Blake will be able to see to the top with no problem!

A past Loretta Lynn’s champion, Blake relies on the X-Grom line of goggles to keep his vision clear and the sweat out of his eyes and we would like to thank him for that. For the grownups reading this, you can use the EKS(X) Brand GOX Liquid goggle which comes with an extra lens and a goggle bag.

Blake’s personal sponsors are: Kawasaki Team Green, Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, Alpinestars, Dunlop, MTA, Mechanix Wear, Stomp, Asterik, Renthal and Bomb Clothing.

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EKS(X) Brand Goggle is a product of over 25 years of eyewear experience. The world-class design of the GOX goggle has all of the necessary features that a high-end goggle requires to keep you seeing your way clear to the finish line.