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450 Words: Anaheim III


  • Alessi grabs the holeshot...
  • Chad Reed does not grab the holeshot...
  • Stewart rides around Alessi into the lead...
The often overlooked classic Groundhog Day has been a recurring metaphor in motocross ever since the movie came out some 15 years ago. Whether it was Jeremy’s continuous winning, or that of Stefan Everts or Ricky Carmichael, the repetitive nature of such foregone conclusions can sometimes wear us out. But just like the movie itself, every time a race came MC, #72 or the GOAT, we just had to watch, even though we were sure of the outcome.

For me, every Anaheim Supercross starts out like Groundhog Day. It’s the same old (and quite friendly) security guards at the front gate, the same basic parking layout, the same pit-crawlers and super-spokesmodels, the same long walk down into the tunnel for the track, the same line to get in (or not get in) to the private party, the same fireworks, and the same simple question: “Anaheim, are you ready for supercross?!”          

Of course I answer yes, and so did close 45,000 other people at each of this year’s three Anaheims. That’s because no matter how many times you’ve seen it, Monster Energy AMA Supercross is a fantastic spectacle, and the fact that it continues to pack stadiums in this otherwise dire economic times speaks volumes for the product that the Feld Motor Sports crew has perfected. {QUOTE}But even the most rabid supercross fan has to look at the last few 450 class main events as recurring Groundhog Day showings. Once again Mike Alessi grabbed a great start (but it would not last for long). As usual, James Stewart got out front early, gapped everyone and then settled in (and won all five). Once again Chad Reed started poorly and had to battle through to second (which he did), start laying down fantastic lap times, only to run out of time (again). So Stewart pulled back three points (Phoenix), and then three more (Anaheim 2), then three more (Houston)…. You’ve seen the movie.

  • Chad Reed charges through the pack...
  • Stewart, Reed, hey look! Davi Millsaps!
  • Phil?
So now there’s one more race left in California—San Diego this weekend—and you have to wonder what the chances are that Alessi will be there for the holeshot, Stewart will move into the early lead and start pulling away, Reed will climb to second and start clicking off some furious laps, only run out of time, and lose three more points…

I would say they are pretty good. But here’s where it gets interesting: The series will then be tied as it leaves California—155 apiece for Stewart and Reed—which means we’re starting all over again, only on the other side of the country.

Atlanta, are you ready for supercross?! I can’t wait, and neither can more than 60,000 Georgia Dome fans.

The often overlooked classic Groundhog Day has been a recurring metaphor in motocross ever since the movie came out some 15 years ago...

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