Unstoppable Stewart Takes Fifth Consecutive Win

Round six of the 2009 AMA Supercross series and the third and final stop in the Anaheim stadium, Los Angeles, was the scene of LandM San Manuel Yamaha rider James Stewart's latest triumph and his fifth win in a row. The 23 year old's imperious streak of success continues on the YZ450F and his masterful escape to victory from gate-to-flag means that Yamaha maintain their 100% record in the current campaign as Joe Gibbs Racing's Josh Grant claimed the opening event.

The 51st Main at Anaheim witnessed Yamaha's 18th collection of the winner's garland and thanks to Grant's sensational debut effort they have swept the LA trio of races.

Stewart's latest accomplishment came after another electric start in which he was able to front the field and keep Chad Reed at bay, despite a greasy surface from rainfall before and during the action. The distance between the two protagonists fluctuated throughout the twenty minute duration but the AMA Motocross champion was never viably threatened and celebrated his 30th SX career victory when he crossed the line.

"I saw Chad behind me. We stayed the same distance, then I pulled away and soon got caught up with the lappers; he came close again and it was good racing. I think, for me, it was kind of tough because the lappers were battling each other and I knew he was following close behind, but hey,it was a great race. I put myself in the best position and I was able to get a win," said the victor, who passed everyone up to 6th position.

With 5th spot in Los Angeles '09 Rookie Grant sustained his run of top five finishes. He had been circulating as high as third when he suffered a nasty-looking crash. Grant recovered to fifth in a determined ride but had some chest pain after the race. He stays third in the table, 16 points behind Stewart.

Stewart was initially 19 points adrift of standings leader Reed after his surprising DNF at round one. He has closed the gap to just 3 as Reed has chased him into the runner-up position for the last five meetings.

Round seven takes place next week in the confines of the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

Race 1 - 20 Laps

Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

1, James Stewart, Yamaha, USA, 20'42.523
2, Chad Reed, Suzuki, AUS, 0'3.386
3, David D Millsaps, Honda, USA, 1'9.106
4, Ivan Tedesco, Honda, USA, 1'10.212
5, Josh Grant, Yamaha, USA, 1'24.661
6, Andrew Short, Honda, USA, -1 Laps
7, Kevin Windham, Honda, USA, -1 Laps
8, Josh Hill, Yamaha, USA, -1 Laps
9, Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha, USA, -1 Laps
10, Tim Ferry, Kawasaki, USA, -2 Laps
11, Mike Alessi, Suzuki, USA, -2 Laps
12, Matt Boni, Honda, USA, -2 Laps
13, Steve Boniface, Honda, FRA, -2 Laps
14, Paul Carpenter, Kawasaki, USA, -2 Laps
15, Nicholas Wey, Yamaha, USA, -2 Laps
16, Heath Voss, Honda, USA, -2 Laps
17, Daniel McCoy, Honda, USA, -2 Laps
18, Josh Hansen, Honda, USA, -4 Laps
19, Thomas Hahn, Kawasaki, USA, -15 Laps
20, Troy Adams, Honda, USA, -16 Laps

Rider Standings 07/02/2009

Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Points
1, Chad Reed, Suzuki, AUS, 130
2, James Stewart, Yamaha, USA, 127
3, Josh Grant, Yamaha, USA, 111
4, Andrew Short, Honda, USA, 102
5, Ivan Tedesco, Honda, USA, 91
6, Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki, USA, 88
7, Kevin Windham, Honda, USA, 82
8, David D Millsaps, Honda, USA, 75
9, Mike Alessi, Suzuki, USA, 68
10, Tim Ferry, Kawasaki, USA, 67
11, Josh Hill, Yamaha, USA, 64
12, Paul Carpenter, Kawasaki, USA, 46
13, Heath Voss, Honda, USA, 45
14, Nicholas Wey, Yamaha, USA, 32
15, Benjamin Coisy, Honda, FRA, 31

Manufacturer Standings 07/02/2009

Pos., Manufacturer, Points

1, Yamaha, 150
2, Suzuki, 130
3, Honda, 114
4, Kawasaki, 101
5, KTM, 13