New and Improved Online Sponsor Tools Help Revolutionize the Industry

Belmont, CA - XTRM Sports Network has been busy listening to feedback on what would make the perfect sport sponsorship online system.  After months of development time, XTRM has launched a brand new sponsor website.  This system is created with the sponsor in mind and is 100% free for all users.  Tools to save the action sport sponsors time, increase revenue and automate many previously manual processes. 

What’s new:
-Automated award and performance campaigns, saves time and money by eliminating previously manual processes
-Best technology on the market so transactions are fast, seamless and safe
-Ratified competition results for more effective and targeted athlete sponsorship which means no paper resumes at all
-Full feature email marketing capabilities, extending the reach of marketing campaigns
-Unlike other systems on the market, XTRM makes it easy to include the dealer network 100% of the time through the exclusive retail channel,
-Higher ROI and improved effectiveness through 100% trackable results resulting in
-Dedicated XTRM communities for exclusive communications and extension of your current marketing initiatives
Just to make it extra easy, XTRM has added self-help short videos that explain the new features.   With today’s economy, the new XTRM sponsor website means less waste with better, targeted results.

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About XTRM Sports Network
XTRM Inc. is the fastest growing online and offline action sports network.  XTRM provides huge value for sponsors, advertisers, properties, event organizers, athletes and fans.  XTRM is headquartered in Belmont, CA with distribution throughout the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit or call 866.367.9289.