Ogio Ramps and Stands???

Ogio is taking a step into the world of hard parts, particularly ramps and stands.

The OGIO 180™ Moto Stand

The patent pending OGIO 180 moto stand is turning the industry on its head. Unlike previous stands where you had to lift the back of the bike onto the stand, the OGIO 180 does the lifting for you. The rider simply pushes the bike forward and the OGIO 180 does the rest. As the front tire rolls through the framework, the stand rotates 180 degrees and engages and lifts the bike onto the stand. To take the bike off, simply pull the bike back and the OGIO 180 will reverse the motion. Now you’re ready to roll.

The 180 stand is pretty simple. Push your bike through the stand and it rotates to automatically to lift the bike with no need to use your post moto weak and shaky arms to lift at all. (MSRP $99.95) Available in May 2009




The OGIO StepUp™ Moto Ramp

The patent pending OGIO StepUp Moto Ramp is taking ramps to a whole new level. Gone are the days of having to calculate your jump onto the tailgate while pushing your bike up a ramp at the same time. The unique transition platform on the OGIO StepUp Moto Ramp allows one person to easily load and unload a bike from a truck. Simply get the back tire to the half-way point on ramp where the resting platform helps stabilize the bike while you make your way up or down the back of the truck. The OGIO StepUp Moto Ramp lets you put your energy into riding your bike, not loading it.

The step up ramp is the safe way for 1 person to load and unload your bike. It has a “lip” to prevent your bike from rolling backwards while allowing you to get up on your tailgate and pull your bike up safely and easily. (MSRP $129.95) Available in May 2009