Bonds, Garrison and Summers Sign On to Run Flexx Handlebars for 2009

October 15, 2008 10:08am
Long Beach, CA- Fasst Company, the manufacturer of the only true revolution in handlebars- the Flexx Handlebar System, has signed the Valli Motorsports team of Bobby Bonds, Bobby Garrison, and Kyle Summers to run the Flexx Handlebar System for the 2009 WORCS season. 

“We are excited to announce the signing of the Valli Motorsprots Team, after working hard on this deal the past few weeks” said Chris Avery, athlete manager for Fasst Company. “We are looking forward to working with Bobby Bonds, who has been on the Flexx Handlebar System for the past few years and loves them”. Bobby recently told us “he will not ride without them”. Bondo has put himself back to where he needs to be; we really respect the work and sacrifice he has put in and his results have showed it this season.

We recently started working with Kyle Summers and he immediately took a liking to the Flexx Handlebar. Kyle was really surprised with the performance the Flexx Handlebar offers compared to a conventional handlebar. After his first test he told Avery, “the bars really soak up the sharp edges” and “they really take up the braking bumps, noticeably smoother”.  

Garrison’s about to get back on the bike and we look forward to building that relationship and helping him get back to winning. Our first conversation with Garrison was classic, we gave him a call and he was in the hospital having more work done on his arm. He said, “I had a dream about the bars last night!” Needless to say he’s fired up to install the Flexx Handlebar System on his 2009 Valli Motorsports bike.

It’s going to be a lot of fun working with this team. These guys really understand our brand and appreciate our product integrity. They will do a great job educating riders on the performance we offer with the Flexx Handlebar. Come and join us at the final round of the WORCS series on October 25, 26 2008 as Bonds goes for his first championship!

See you there!

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