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This is not a newspaper ad and you won't be charged by the word or by the line. So be sure to list all of the information that is important to the job posting, including all applicable keywords.

Job Requirements

Often times particular job requirements are something most job seekers have the potential to learn 'on the job'. You'll often find the most valuable quality in a job seeker will be a willingness and ability to learn.

Benefits and Incentives

Outline your benefits plans, after all most job seekers are looking for a long-term position. Benefits these days are just as important to job seekers and their families as the salary they'll receive!

Contact Information

Provide multiple ways for job seekers to submit a resumé or contact you. By limiting the different ways one can apply for a position, you will miss out on hearing from ideal candidates who might not have a fax machine or the ability to send an email from home.

In Closing

Include an e-mail address, fax number and snail mail address (if you still use one) to send in a resumé. Include your Web page address so they can learn more about the company.

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