Pivot Works Products Now Available At Race Tech

September 18, 2008 1:02pm
A recent distribution agreement between Pivot Works and Race Tech makes it possible. 

“Race Tech has been providing custom suspension work since 1984 and understands the importance of proper chassis maintenance,” notes Pivot Works CEO Curt Leaverton. “The addition of Pivots Works complements Race Tech’s custom suspension work.”  

A fast, easy and complete solution,   Pivot Works kits contain all the necessary components (bearings, seals, pins, spacers, collars, thrust washers and thrust bearings) needed to rebuild each part of the suspension system and chassis on dirt bikes and ATVs.

For more information about Race Tech, call 951-279-6655 or visit www.racetech.com.  For specific application information regarding Pivot Works kits, call 515-402-8000 or visit www.pivotworks.com.