Ivan Tedesco Update


Looks like Honda Red Bull Racing's Ivan Tedesco will be on the sidelines for Red Bud and Budds Creek. Tedesco’s ankle injury is not something that he can race through, according to his manager Scott Taylor, and doctors have advised Ivan that he needs to isolate his ankle for at least two weeks to give it a chance to start the healing process. Tedesco will be wearing a special boot to keep his ankle stable for the next few weeks at home to hopefully allow him to resume racing again very soon.

“I’m very disappointed but respect the doctor’s opinion. I tried to ride and race through this injury but found it much to painful to continue,” said Ivan this afternoon. “It’s so strange because I can walk fine but as soon as I try to ride or just twist it a little the pain is unreal.” Tedesco appreciates the continued support of his sponsors, especially Honda Red Bull Racing, Fox Racing, Dragon, DVS and "Dr. G.”  “I can’t wait to get back to racing. Things were just starting to click for me again. I will not let this ankle injury keep me down for too long, so see you at the nationals very soon.”