Flexfit Samples Abound at RiderDown

July 4, 2008 6:17am

Thanks to Maurice Murphy, the Southern California Flexfit distributor, RiderDown has a huge inventory of Flexfit hats complete with the logos of major industry brands ready to start sending out to the injured riders we work with.

“Maurice came through and did exactly what he said he would do,” says Bruce Vermeulen, President of RiderDown Foundation. “When he said he would be sending us hundreds of hats, I thought he might be exaggerating. He wasn’t! We are really excited to have these much sought-after hats to give out this year. These are very cool lids that we’ll be including in our care packages to injured riders. It’s one more example of people in this sport showing they care!”

“Motocross is my passion and to be able to work in the industry is amazing. If I can brighten up the day of an injured rider with some cool Flexfit hats by working with the RiderDown Foundation, than that is amazing as well. I look forward to working with Bruce and RiderDown in the future,” says Maurice Murphy (thebestcaps@ca.rr.com) of Flexfit.

Check out www.RiderDown.org for more information on the Foundation’s diligent efforts to help our fellow riders, and to see where we’ll be all summer long!