MX XStream-Top High-Flow Motocross Filter

June 2008, K&N Engineering, Inc. Releases a “New” High-Flow Replacement Motocross Filter (HA-1507) for all 2007-2008 HONDA CRF150R and CRF150R Expert Model Motocross Bikes.

K&N Delivers the same High-Flow Technology in every filter we manufacture.  K&N’s HA-1507 is specifically designed to fit into your OE Air Box Assembly, with minor backing-plate modifications.  K&N offers a complete billet aluminum backing-plate adaptor that mounts to your OE Airbox, to provide a solid and secure mounting surface.  The MX XStream Filter mounts to the K&N Backing plate Via 1/4” Hose Clamp.  This filter is performance designed, providing increased airflow, horsepower & torque.  The pleated media provides a large filtration area offering longer service intervals.  A red anodized aluminum top-plate encases the XStream-top filter media for optimum airflow.  Jetting modifications are not necessary to obtain increased performance.  All K&N High-Flow Filters are sold pre-oiled and are washable and reusable.


Covered by our K&N Racing & Off-Road Limited Warranty®, warranted over materials and craftsmanship for One Year.

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