Navy Moto X World Championship Update

Yesterday, many of the racers who are taking part in the supercross portion of the Navy Moto X World Championships in San Diego, California, this coming weekend got a chance to practice on the course on the floor of Qualcomm Stadium.

The Navy Moto X World Championship course inside Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

photo: Ryan Clark

The riders got to ride the track today because ESPN knew many of them would be racing in Detroit this Saturday night and wouldn't be available for practice on Friday or Saturday (or even very early Sunday). Ryan Clark snapped the photo for us and reported that the track was "like Excitebike," and he meant it as a compliment. Clark himself will be flying in from Detroit early on Sunday and his flight is scheduled to land at 10 a.m., while practice starts at 11.

Today is the press conference at Qualcomm with the GOAT Ricky Carmichael and many others taking part. We'll have more from that in Racerhead tomorrow.