Trail Tech High Output Lighting Stator

Date: March 2008

For Yamaha WR250 and WR450 owners looking for a significant improvement in light performance, this new high output stator product from Trail Tech is the solution.  Designed for racers and extreme riders who need high quality bright lights that never dim, this product fits the bill for anyone not satisfied with the stock lighting performance.  Installing this kit converts the stock lighting system to DC, allowing the rider to run either AC or DC lights in any combination.

The key features of the stator are:

• Provides in excess of 100 watts of lighting, at all times.
• Reliably keeps the battery charged.
• Won’t fail due to vibration or overheating.

The stator kit shown below includes the Trail Tech high output stator, a Trail Tech 150W replacement regulator/rectifier (both stator and reg/rec have plug and play connectors), and a comprehensive instruction sheet.

Installation time is one hour.

WR 250/450 2003-2008 Stator Kit:  $169.95

For more information contact Trail Tech at 360 687 4530, visit the Trail Tech website, or contact your local motorcycle dealer.