Team Dunlop Riders Dominate Lake Whitney Podium

March 20, 2008 6:29am

Team Dunlop riders dominated the first amateur national event at Lake Whitney, Texas, the second week of March, winning nine national championships and claiming 21 podiums, with a clean sweep of the SR Supermini 1 12-15 podium being a highlight for the new Dunlop team. Only days after announcing the Team Dunlop National squad for 2008, the select group of young amateur racers sporting the unique Team Dunlop logo dominated the season debut.

Consisting of 18 highly talented riders from across the amateur ranks, the distinguished Team Dunlop National team riders competed in virtually every class comprising the Lake Whitney national junior program.

85cc rider Adam Cianciarulo overshadowed his opposition in the 85cc 9-11 Mod, 85cc 9-11 Stock and JR Supermini 9-11 classes, winning five out of six races on board his Kawasaki to secure three national titles. Fellow Team Dunlop rider Eli Tomac followed in Adam¹s footsteps, winning the 85cc 14-15 Mod and SR Supermini 2 14-16 championships.

Representing Dunlop aboard his KTM, British import Max Antsie won both his races to secure the SR Supermini 1 12-15 championship as did Honda pilot Jessy Nelson, who won both 85cc 12-13 Mod races to claim the title prize.
Michael Young won the 65cc 7-9 Mod championship on board his Cobra, and Mark Worth won the 65cc 7-9 Stock title.

Fellow Team Dunlop riders Joey Savatgy, Challen Tennant, Stephen Gretchen, Taylor Witt, Connor Pearson and Justin Bogle proudly achieved podium finishes, amounting to a combined overall total of 21 podiums for the Team Dunlop National riders.

After coordinating the team¹s 2008 national ad campaign photo shoot, Dunlop celebrated the unveiling of Team Dunlop¹s 2008 National rider lineup at an intimate dinner held at the WB Ranch at Lake Whitney, hosted by Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Vice President Mike Buckley. The 18 Team Dunlop National riders, accompanied by their families and various industry personalities, celebrated the launch of the second year of the Team Dunlop support program and enjoyed the opportunity to relax and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the WB lodge.

The 2008 Team Dunlop National riders include:
Rider Name                OEM Brand                 Class
Adam Cianciarulo          Kawasaki                   85
Stephen Gretchen          KTM                        65/85
Connor Pearson            KTM                        65/85
Chris Alldredge           Yamaha                     85
Justin Bogle              Kawasaki                   85
Jordan Bailey             Cobra                      50/65
Michael Young             Cobra                      65
Eli Tomac                 Suzuki                     85
Challen Tennant           Polini                     50/65
Matt Bisceglia            Yamaha                     85
Taylor Witt               Suzuki                     65/85
Joey Savatgy              Honda                      85
Mark Worth                Cobra                      65/85
Max Antsie                KTM                        85
Jessy Nelson              Honda                      85
Hunter Hilton             KTM/Cobra                  65/85
Joey Crown                KTM/Cobra                  50/65
Jarek Balkovic            Suzuki                     85

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