Racer X/Toyota Power Rankings

We expected a shakeup in the Toyota Racer X power rankings as Monster Energy Supercross headed east. What we didn't expect was that the Supercross Class would be just as shaken as the Lites division.

Atlanta shook up our top 25.

photo: Simon Cudby

Based on winning his maiden supercross voyage, Torco Honda's Trey Canard jumps from off the chart to sixth in the rankings, right behind his West Region points lead counterpart in Jason Lawrence. In all, eight new names hit the board this week based on their Lites East performance (and yes, it's not all about results here considering that Ryan Villopoto didn't even finish the race but is ranked 19th in our series. Voters know RV has a lot more to give than his ATL results showed).

But what about those 450 boys? Chad Reed swept California but took a second in Houston, and then he crashed hard in Atlanta and finished outside the top five. Just like the series point standings, Kevin Windham is now able to see Reed in front of him in the #1 spot. And fellow Red Rider Millsaps used his win to power from fifth to third in the ranks.
And by the way, Josh Hill crashed out of the race but actually moved up a spot! Remember, votes are based on potential and not just results.

Another interesting note is that there are only 10 Supercross class riders in our top 25, compared to 15 Lites riders.

22 Reed (23)
834 San Manuel Yamaha
14 Windham (5)
805 Torco Racing Fuels Honda
3. +2 118 Millsaps (6)
794 Red Bull Honda
4. +2 29 Short 670 Red Bull Honda
5. -2 15 Ferry 612 Monster Energy Kawasaki
6. -2 338 Lawrence 601 Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy Yamaha
7. new 48 Canard 562 Torco Racing Fuels Honda
8. +1 40 Hill 476 Factory Yamaha
9. -2 51 Stroupe 475 Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
10. -2 28 Dungey 474 Rockstar Makita Suzuki
11. +1 25 Ramsey 450 San Manuel Yamaha
12. new 577 Davalos 329 MDK KTM
13. -3 123 Metcalfe 278 Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
14. new 57 Sipes 271 MDK KTM
15. -4 30 Weimer 258 Torco Racing Fuels Honda
16. +1 24 Summey 246 Gibbs Racing Yamaha
17. new 20 Grant 236 Torco Racing Fuels Honda
18. -2 12 Vuillemin 223 Rockstar Makita Suzuki
19. new 2 Villopoto 222 Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
20. -7 27 Wey 218 MDK KTM
21. -6 122 Reardon 207 Torco Racing Fuels Honda
22. -8 32 Hahn 183 Xtreme Team Green Kawasaki
23. new 77 Jesseman 151 Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
24. new 341 Izzi 148 Rockstar Makita Suzuki
25. new 82 Moss 127 Lucas Oils/Star Racing Yamaha

Total number of votes: 34

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