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February 1, 2008 9:10am | by:

Hi Ping

Do you know off hand if Kawasaki pays Ralph Shaheen and Jeff Emig’s salary? I am sick and tired of hearing them slurp James Stewart. It’s like if he’s not in the lead then all they talk about is what he has to do to make up the time. And when he’s in the lead then they praise his new fitness and skills. Nothing against James, but this biased commentating is sickening. Also, how about Round 1 when Stewart hit the Tuff Block and said he got hit from behind. I love it… he causes yet another first turn pile up and blames it on someone else again.


Mike Stith
Pasadena, MD.

Is that a Kawasaki banner in the background?

photo: Matt Ware

I haven’t seen the payroll list but I know that Jeff has a pretty long history with Kawasaki. They still give him bikes and parts so it makes sense that he would reciprocate the favor, but then again, wasn’t Stewart, defending champion, the biggest story of all in the first three races? And while I have noticed that a lot of times he talks about Kawasaki riders, mechanics and team managers during the shows, maybe it’s because he knows them so well—he never actually rode for Honda or Suzuki or KTM at any point in his life!

I think Ralph is just talking about Stewart because he is the most sensational rider on the track, and also the fastest. I mean, the guy can still win a race with a blown-out knee. But I would like to see Ralph pick a different favorite and then get into a little argument with Jeff on camera. You know, kind of like a verbal scuffle with some light pushing and shoving. Maybe they make a little wager about who will win right there during the broadcast. Then, if the races get boring at any time (which they will with Stewart out), the two of them could go out onto the stadium floor and have a little cage-fight death-match. Jeff is younger but Ralph has some size on him. I think it would be a good fight. Erin could be the card girl.

That said, I think Reed will be the big story from here on out—especially if he runs a streak of MC/RC proportions.

Hey Ping,
I was just wondering who Chad Reed's Public Relations person is? Are they the ones who tell Reed to stick his tongue out after every interview? I don't know about you, but I am tired of seeing it and we are only four races into the year. If he keeps winning his heat races and the mains we might have to look at it another 24 times this year! At this point I hope he doesn't win another race so I don't have to see his tongue anymore. Does he think he is Gene Simmons or something? Anyway, just had to vent. Keep up the good work.

Dear Zoob,


I’m pretty sure that he signed on with Britney Spears’ PR agency. If you ever see him wearing vented gear you might notice that he doesn’t wear underwear, either—Britney’s PR firm requires that of all their clients. And I think by the time we get to the Texas rounds Chad will have a full emotional meltdown and have to be transported to the hospital as a 51/50 patient. I’m not sure if he will be required to shave his head and then hit Simon Cudby with an umbrella but that is the route they went with Brit. Sticking your tongue out in interviews is a Britney Spears trademark as well. It shouldn’t be long before we see pictures of Reedy partying with Shaun Palmer and Troy Lee, just like Brit's nights out with Lohan and Paris Hilton. And, if he has a little sister, she will definitely be preggers before May 3rd. I don’t know if he showed his tongue or not in San Francisco, but you might want to watch something else for the next few months because Reedy is going to be on the podium a lot.

Good day Mr. Pingree. My name is Hammer and I'm really into distance jumping. I live in West by God Virginia, so I have lots of room for practicing. I recently bought a 1974 cr 250 from a guy who said it was a factory bike that once belonged to the world champion. Any way, it wasn't fast enough, so me and my friend and my dad, put a 1990 cr 500 engine in it. Now it burns the rubber off the back tire when we practice jumping. I have to take three swigs before riding it!

I have two questions. First, is it better to have 10w 40 in the forks or 5w 20 , to soak up the landings? Second, where is the powerband adjuster on the engine? We can't keep the front wheel down on take offs in 4th gear. The dude said we should adjust the powerband down to 5 instead of 10 where the factory has it. Thanks.
Your Bud,

Dear Hammer,
You sound awesome. I believe it’s only a matter of time before we see you on television doing some amazing things. In the meantime, I’ll try to answer your questions.

I don’t think it matters what you put in those old forks. They would probably work the same if you filled them up with moonshine. So, you know, give that a try.

Secondly, asking where the powerband is would be like asking where the volume knob is on your banjo. Just take an extra swig of whatever you’re swigging and twist the throttle to eleven. There’s no whining in distance jumping, son. I highly recommend you head over to the Racer X offices in Morgantown and ask everyone there for jumping tips and PR advice (please make sure Matt Ware is there to film it for CNN, er, I mean ESPN). There’s also a guy in there named Billy that would love to help you out. Hammer down, Hammer!


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