Dortmund SX Sunday Report

The final day of Supercross Dortmund was the most exciting one with a Toyota car for the overall winner of all three days. That's why everyone who still saw a chance to win faught hard to be one of the top 12 riders on the final's starting grid. Florent Richier, Mike Brown and Rodrig Thain still had the chance for the overall win when the gate dropped on Sunday evening. While Vanni took the lead followed by Brown, Thain and Richier found themselves in the middle of the field. Thain was fighting with the French rider Christophe Martin for 5th position when he suddenly touched the back of his Husqvarna and landed hard on the ground. As Thain was unconscious the race was red-flagged again in round 12 of 15.

It was decided to not restart the race, but to take the standing of lap 11 where Richier was 5th. Julien Vanni won the race in front of Mike Brown and Joaquim Rodrigues. But the surprising new "King of Dortmund" and winner of the Toyota was Mike Brown with a 1 point lead from Florent Richier.

In the SX2 Marvin Musquin took the third win of the weekend. With 6 heat wins he also got the title "Prince of Dortmund".  The only American who qualified for the evening was Nick Evennou who suffered from a real bad crash on a triple jump in the second race.