Baltimore AX - Friday Night

AURORA, Ill. (January 11, 2008) – Historic Inner Harbor, Baltimore played host to Toyota Arenacross tonight.  The Western Maryland fans were greeted to an amazing lazar and pyro display during opening ceremonies.  However, the fireworks didn’t stop as the nations top riders battled throughout the night.

During the Arenacross main event Monster Energy/Babbitts Kawasaki rider Kelly Smith collected the $200 Toyota Certified Used Vehicle hole shot award and led every lap.  Team mate Brock Sellards tucked in behind him with Team Faith’s Kevin Johnson in third.  Current points leader, Chad Johnson, got a bad start and had to work his way through a very tight track.  By the half way mark Chad Johnson had passed Kevin Johnson and was challenging Sellards.  Johnson set the pass up while jumping the Toyota Catapult and motored past Sellards on the start straight.

Chad Johnson then went after Kelly Smith and came close on lap 24 of 25 when Kelly Smith lost his grip in the whoops section causing both he and Johnson to come to a complete stop.  Kelly Smith went on to win the main event.

Kelly Smith said “I hope this win is a spring board for the rest of the season” during his podium celebration.  Smith will be back in the arena tomorrow night for the second round in Baltimore.

In the AMA Toyota Arenacross Lites it was the Sewell brothers stealing the show finishing first and second ahead of Cory Green. 

Arenacross Main Event Results

1.                   Kelly Smith, Kawasaki

2.                   Chad Johnson, Honda

3.                   Brock Sellards, Kawasaki

4.                   Danny Smith, Honda

5.                   Keith Johnson, Yamaha

6.                   Teddy Maier, Honda

7.                   Shane Sewell, Kawasaki

8.                   Kevin Johnson, yamaha

9.                   Tommy Hofmaster, Yamaha

10.               Robbie Reynard, Suzuki


Arenacross Points

1.   Chad Johnson (2)           185

2.   Kelly Smith (1)               180

3.   Brock Sellards (3)          178

4.   Teddy Maier (1)              152

5.   Danny Smith                 149

6    Kevin Johnson               145

7.   Keith Johnson (1)           143

8.   Jim Neese                     135

9.   Josh Demuth (3)            127

10.  Nathan Skaggs              113

Arenacross Lites North Main Event Results


1.                   Travis Sewell, Suzuki

2.                   Shane Sewell, Kawasaki

3.                   Cory Green, Suzuki

4.                   Kurtis Mccabe, Honda

5.                   Patrick Boyle, Kawasaki

6.                   Gray Davenport, Kawasaki

7.                   Codi Adams, Yamaha

8.                   Patrick Massie, Kawasaki

9.                   Tyler Bright, Suzuki

10.               Denny Smith, Honda

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