Friday Night Dortmund SX Results

This weekend in Germany there is another anniversary to be celebrated: It's the 25th edition of Dortmund Supercross. Even that the organizer and teams had 11 US-Boys on the starting grids it was the French Cyrile Coulon on Suzuki who took the win, followed by another French Florent Richier on Kawasaki. First US rider who showed up in the final was Mike Brown who rounded up the podium on the first evening.  Big highlight this weekend was the presence of Travis Preston who started on Kawasaki for Team PFEIL. But the first evening started not like foreseen and Preston had to find his way to the semi final through the last chance race which he won. The evening was early finished for riders like the Canadian Sean-Sebastian Roy, Zack Ames, Casey Johnson, Joaquim Rodrigues or Willy Browning. Bad luck also for US rider Leighton Lillie who was hit from behind in the first lap of his semi final which ended him up with a dislocated ellbow.

The final of this first opening day in Dortmund was red-flagged when Florent Richier's Kawasaki found its way to the first turn without its rider on and next turn the French Rodrig Thain also crashed. Thain was disqualified for causing the race to be red-flagged while Richier restarted and finished second with a wound on his chin that later had to be stiched. So a quite spectecular racing day ended. "I was racing in Dortmund many years ago. I think it must have been around 1993. I like being here, the track is nice and it's a lot of fun. I'm not riding the SX series in the US, but I will go back to start preparation for the GP's," said Mike Brown who seemed very happy with his podium finish on day one.

Jason Thomas, Cole Siebler and Tyler Keefe were absent this weekend, due to praticipation in the US-SX series.

The SX2 class saw again a new face on top of the podium. It was the French youngster Marvin Musquin who took the win in front of the Dutch Rinus van de Ven.  The 13-year old German Ken Roczen impressed on his first ever international Supercross event with a 5th position.