Stuttgart SX Report and Results

At the 25th Edition of the Stuttgart Supercross, in the South of Germany, more than 10 riders made their way from the United States. The field showed many new faces and Bryan Johnson and Jeff Northrop quickly found their lines on this unfamiliar track. Right after practice two riders showed their potential to win. On one side it was the winner of last year, Jason Thomas, and the Portuguese rider Joaquim Rodrigues. Five U.S. Boys reached the final, but the holeshot went to the Portuguese rider Joaquim Rodriguez who led for the first few laps, followed by the French Rodrig Thain and Florent Richier. While Jason Thomas found himself fighting through the pack, Rodrigues crashed and gave the lead to Richier, who immediately saw his chance to win and never opened any possibility to Jason Thomas, who had closed up into second position. The third place in this first evening's final went to the German Daniel Siegl, who rode the only 2-stroke bike in the field. "I'm happy for this second position, but I came here to win and I hope to do better tomorrow," said Jason Thomas after the race. Unfortunately, American Ryan Abrigo broke his collarbone in free practice.

Semi 1
1. Johnson, Bryan USA Honda
2. Dehaan, Doug CAN Honda
3. Siegl, Daniel GER Suzuki
4. Thomas, Jason USA Honda
5. Rodrigues, Joaquim POR KTM
6. Lillie, Leighton USA Honda
7. Siebler, Cole USA Honda
8. Evennou, Nick USA Kawasaki
9. Hemery, Jerome FRA Suzuki
10. Michek, Martin CZE Honda

Semi 2
1. Thain, Rodrig FRA Suzuki
2. Richier, Florent FRA Kawasaki
3. Northrop, Jeff USA KTM
4. Oehlhof, Joe USA Kawasaki
5. Letellier, Antoine FRA Kawasaki
6. Berthome, Vincent FRA KTM
7. Sayler, Jacob USA Kawasaki
8. Chittaro, Manuel GER Kawasaki
9. Ludwig, Stefan GER Kawasaki
10. Dugmore, Collin RSA Kawasaki

Last Chance
1. Berthome, Vincent FRA Kawasaki
2. Siebler, Cole USA Honda

Final - Friday November 9th
1. Richier, Florent FRA Kawasaki
2. Thomas, Jason USA Honda
3. Siegl, Daniel GER Suzuki
4. Johnson, Bryan USA Honda
5. Northrop, Jeff USA KTM
6. Dehaan, Doug CAN Honda
7. Oehlhof, Joe USA Honda
8. Thain, Rodrig FRA Suzuki
9. Berthome, Vincent FRA KTM
10. Siebler, Cole USA Honda
11. Rodrigues, Joaquim POR KTM
12. Letellier, Antoine FRA Kawasaki

Final SX2
1. Van de Ven, Rinus NED KTM
2. Tobin, Kyle USA Honda
3. Neugebauer, Filip CZE Kawasaki
4. Greedy, Ashley IRL Honda
5. Wiedemann, Jens GER Suzuki
6. Bakke, Per NOR Yamaha
7. Stadler, Mike, SUI Kawasaki
8. Sturm, Robert GER Kawasaki
9. Habijanec, Dominic GER Kawasaki
10. Keefe, Tyler USA Kawasaki
11. Thury, Dominic GER KTM
12. Kohut, Martin CZE Suzuki