Bercy Friday Race Results

During the first night of the 25th edition of the Paris Bercy Supercross, the stars of the US series dominate the event as nobody, except Frenchman Benjamin Coisy, was able to battle with Chad Reed and Grant Langston.

Winner of the ‘tournament’ and the last race, Chad just missed a good start in the first final to have a perfect night, as he came back second behind Grant Langston. It was a great come back for the Australian rider who did his third appearance in the French stadium and was celebrated by the fans. Reed won the overall tonight followed by Langston who scored three podiums with a win, a second and a third place in the last heat. Grant was involved in a pile-up at the start and came back third behind Benjamin Coisy, who was the third man of the night. Dominating the French SX Tour since several years, Coisy was consistant during the entire night and got his first podium in Bercy with a third place overall; third, fourth and second, he was the best Frenchie and beat Americans Andrew Short and Jeremy Mac Grath. As usual the Free Style show was a huge success, and the stadium was full tonight as it will be during two more days.

Chad Reed got his first win in Bercy during his third attempt.

Classement: 1.Reed (AUS, Yamaha); 2.Langston (AFS, Yamaha); 3.Coisy (FRA, Honda); 4.Short (USA, Honda); 5.Mac Grath (USA, Honda); 6.Coulon (FRA, Yamaha); 7.Musquin (FRA, Kawasaki); 8.Grant (USA, Honda); 9.Sorby (FRA, Kawasaki); 10.Paulin (FRA, Kawasaki); 11.Frossard (FRA, Kawasaki); 12.Brayton (USA, KTM); 13.Aubin (FRA, Yamaha); 14.Van Horebeek (BEL, KTM); 15.Roy (CAN, Yamaha); 16.S.Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki).

Benjamin Coisy (left), Chad Reed and Grant Langston had a great first night in Bercy

Benjamin Coisy was the best french rider tonight with a third place overall