Spy Optic's McGrath & Short Lead Team USA Into Bercy

Langston tops "Rest of the World" team at popular French SX event in Paris

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Nov. 9, 2007) - Putting an exclamation point on the international supercross racing scene this year, as it does every year, will be the 25th running of the Bercy Supercrosss in France. 

Scores of European fans will converge on Paris' Palais-Omnisport for the long-running event this weekend (Nov. 9-11) and Spy Optic will be well represented with several of its top motocross athletes attending
- and favored to win.

As much of a show as it is a race, the Bercy Supercross combines an interesting three team (Team USA, Team Rest of the World and Team

France) racing format with a freestyle motocross show and concert lighting and pyrotechnics that regularly sells out the Palais-Omnisport.

Representing Spy Optic at Bercy will be the racer who almost single- handedly put the event on the map, Jeremy McGrath. During his heyday in American supercross McGrath would be lured to Bercy with some big bucks, to which McGrath would also have the promoter throw down additional coin to bring his local SoCal racing buddies - guys like Jimmy Button and "Factory" Phil Lawrence - over to compete as well.

This weekend McGrath returns to lead Team USA into battle at the high octane event, which will no doubt whip the crowd into more of a frenzy when McGrath rolls his Honda out onto the Palais-Omnisport floor.

"Bercy's always a blast," said McGrath. "I've got some great memories from racing that event and I'm looking forward to coming back this weekend. The fans there are nuts and the event's definitely got its place in history with the sport of supercross."

Joining McGrath on Team USA will be fellow Spy Optic racer, two-time King of Bercy, Andrew Short.

"I can remember hearing about Jeremy at Bercy when I was younger and always hoping I'd be able to get there some day," said Short.

"Returning as a two-time champion is pretty cool. The European fans are always pumped to have the American racers over there and the promoters do an excellent job with the event. We'll look forward to representing with Spy this weekend in Paris."

Also on contesting Bercy on behalf of Spy Optic will be the world's hottest motocross racer, Grant Langston (recent AMA Nationals & U.S.

Open titles). Langston leads the Rest of the World team against the McGrath/Short-led American racers and France's top guys.

"I've been fortunate to win Bercy twice and those wins are some of the best highlights of my international racing career," said Langston.

"This year's race should be intense. Winning Bercy will allow someone to carry that added momentum into the Anaheim supercross opener in January."

For more on the Bercy event - as long as you paid attention in French class - link to: www.supercrossbercy.com