Jacob Saylor To Campaign World MXGP

Jacob Saylor of Knoxville, TN has signed with Sturm Racing Kawasaki of Germany to campaign the World Motocross Gran Prix, select German Supercross events and the German MX Masters Series. Saylor will be teamed up with another American, the young New Mexico racer, Bradley Graham, to take on Europe’s best as well as other international competitors in the GP’s and German MX Masters Series’. For the German Supercross events, Kyle Tobin, will join the team

Jacob Saylor

photo: Paul Buckley

During the winter months, all three Americans and Sturm Racing Kawasaki will be competing at the Stuttgart and Chemnitz Supercross events and finishing up at the grand finale of the German Supercross Season, the Dortmund ADAC Supercross.

In April the World GP campaign begins in the Netherlands at the famed Valkenswaard Circuit, travelling as far as South Africa and finishing up in September at Citta di Faenza, in Italy.

“This is like a new life in a new world for me. I’m just a kid from Knoxville, and now I’m racing the World Championships and living in Germany, it is a dream come true,” stated the ecstatic Jacob Saylor. “I also realize I’ll have a lot of responsibility as a representative of the United States, on and off the track, and I won’t disappoint” added Jacob.

Between all of those Gran Prix events, Saylor and Graham will compete in the German MX Masters series, which is the German National Championships.

We encourage everyone to follow the progress of Jacob and his teammates at www.realmx.com, www.motocrossmx1.com or watch the GP’s live online at www.mediazone.com

Jacob Saylor resides in Knoxville, TN, USA, but the team will be based in Munich, Germany where all team riders will test, train and prepare for throughout the season.

Jacob also wants to thank everyone who’s been there to help him and his family throughout the years: WWR/Wonder Warthog Racing, Decal Works, Fly Racing, Tag Metals, One Industries, Dunlop, Scott USA, Engine Ice, Pro Clean 1000, Factory Connection, MDK, University of Pittsburgh Sports Complex, Litz Racing, Pro Wheels, Rocket Exhaust, Wiseco, Cycra, CV4, Denyse Signs, Fuel Motorsports, Air Cel Corporation, Sidi, Power Bar, Leatt Brace, Twin Air, Asterisk CTI2,  OGIO, Kicker Allen Picard, Don Leib, Jeff Cernic, John Mitchell, Keith Shireman, Kevin Maret, Tim Buffaloe, Kevin Cozaad, Bill Rogers, Shane Shaft, Dave Kimmey