Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open Odds


Steve Matthes was cruising the strip in Las Vegas today and decided to stop in the MGM Grand for a little blackjack fix when he noticed that they had the odds listed for the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open. Check them out:

James Stewart   5/2
Ricky Carmichael  3/1
Chad Reed         3/1
Kevin Windham   7/1
Grant Langston  7/1
Tim Ferry       10/1    (A sure bet if you ask me)
David Vuillemin 10/1
Andrew Short    10/1
Mike Alessi     10/1
Ryan Dungey     15/1
Broc Hepler     15/1
Josh Grant      18/1
Dan Reardon     18/1
Josh Hill       18/1
Michael Bryne   28/1
Heath Voss      28/1
Nick Wey        28/1
Travis Preston  28/1
Field           10/1