BERM - The Texas Motocross Chronicles


Moto Dads - have you ever really paid attention to your coffe table? You will now!

This beautiful, Hard-Cover, Full-Color High-Gloss, 120-page coffee table book is the ultimate conversation piece 
for the legions of Texas motocross racers both past and present.  Garcia Willis Publishing and the crew at Holeshot Magazine present this one-of-a-kind book that covers 40 years of Motocross in the Lone Star State. BERM - The Texas Motocross Chronicles will bring racers and readers alike, an in-depth look at key racers, events, stats and great photos from the Texas motocross scene. From the Father of Texas Motocross Wyman Priddy, and Kent Howerton, to Arenacross champions, to 35 years of Supercross... These are just a few things that are showcased in this truly one-of-a-kind history book covering Texas motocross. This book is the ultimate Texas motocross Christmas gift. Your coffee table will have never looked better, What's in your living room?  Click here to order yours today!