Privateer Profile: Jake Moss

September 20, 2007 7:30am

Australia has proven to be a great place to scout for motocross talent. The first guy I remember coming over was Jeff Leisk who ended up being a successful rider for the factory Honda team here in the U.S. in the 1980s. Leisk now manages KTM’s effort back home, but the talent from down under just keeps coming. Chad Reed, Michael Byrne, Brett Metcalfe, Daniel Reardon, Grant Langston… Oh, wait, he’s from South Africa. Still, you have to be impressed with the riders coming from that continent.
       The newest recruit, hot on the heels of SoBe No Fear/Samsung Honda’s Reardon, is Jake Moss. Moss has been a top rider in the 250F class in Australia and when he had a chance to ride for the Lucas Oil Yamaha team here at the end of the summer he took advantage of it. Now, Jake is set to stay with the team for at least two years and he hopes to fulfill his dream of winning here in the United States. Moss is today's subject of the Privateer Profile. Be sure to show him and his sponsors some support by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Australia's Jake Moss

Racer X: Welcome to the U.S. You did some of the nationals at the end of the season. How did they go for you?
Jake Moss: As much as I wanted to win I knew that wasn’t going to be a reality just yet. I just wanted to keep learning every weekend and I did that. I ended up getting fourteenth overall at Glen Helen but I got a tenth in one moto. So, that was a goal that I wanted to hit this summer and I did that.

And you are staying with them for next year?
Yeah, I’ve signed a two-year deal with them so I’ll be with the team through 2009.

Are you happy with the bikes and team?
I’ve been really happy with everything over there. The bikes are great. I’ve been getting great starts on them. Then I make some mistakes and ruin it. I’ve been running a little hot-headed the first couple laps in the motos.

Who are your teammates there next year?
Broc Tickle, Matt Lemoine and Wil Hahn.

That’s a strong team. Have you raced or been to a U.S. supercross?
No, I haven’t even seen one yet.

Do you like supercross?
Yeah, I actually prefer it but I just had some bad luck back at home. I had some first turn crashes. It’s really hard to pass back at home; our tracks are narrow. I think the tracks will be a little better here.

Where are you living out here?
I’m in Corona right near all the test tracks.

Do you like it?
Yeah… it’s a big change. I’ve come over myself so I had to find all new people and a routine. Mark Rodgers has been helping me out heaps. I can’t thank him and his family enough.

Are you friends with Reardon or any of the other Aussies here?
I know Daniel but we’ve never hung out as mates. He seems like a nice guy and I don’t mind him. I get along with his mechanic really well. I also know Reedy pretty well and he’s offered to help me out a bit, so that is good.

There’s getting to be a big group of Australian riders here. What is it about the racing back at home that produces so many good riders?
Our motocross series is really good but our supercross series could use some help. I don’t know what it is about the racing there. We practice on really crap tracks during the week. They are dry and beat up and often times they are tracks you built in the bush on your own. So, when you get here and you can ride a different track every day it helps a lot.

What are you expectations for next year?
I think I’m riding west coast; at least that is the plan for now. I mean, I want to go to the line thinking I can win or there’s no reason to race. You know? Top five or ten would be alright but anything after that would be a disappointment. I’m just going to train and prepare like I can win at the first round. I was speaking to a trainer and he asked me what I thought I would get at the races. When I told him that top five or top ten would be good he said, “You aren’t ever going to win with that attitude.” So, I’ve been just working towards winning on the weekend.

Will you be able to ride Yamaha’s test track?
Yeah, but only for testing. For our riding and training we have to find other places to go. I’ll probably ride at Elsinore and Competitive Edge a lot.

Are you doing the U.S. Open or anything between now and Anaheim?
No, I wanted to but they don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m going to start riding supercross in a couple weeks. Our team is helping some people out with the MXoN so they are tied up right now. And then I’m heading home for a week to do a race back home.

The Oceania race?
Yeah, it’s probably our best track down there. That is a really cool event.

I might see you down there.
Cool. It’s good fun. Each class has three motos and then there’s a moto with the top twenty from each class.

Who do you want to thank, Jake?
The Lucas Oils team, Fly and the Moss Institute.

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