Round 7 of Australian MX Championship

July 2, 2007 12:57pm


After weeks of drenching rain, the sun came out on cue in time to dry the track and provide perfect race conditions for Kawasaki Champion Daniel Reardon to take out the Pro-Open Class at Round 7 of the Nokia MX Nationals 2007 at Gum Valley, Koumala near Mackay, North Queensland.
One of the most picturesque tracks of Series, Gum Valley was also described by riders as being one of the fastest on this year’s calendar.  The speed of the track caused problems for the riders with arm pump setting in as they gripped the handle bars at extra high speeds.
Series leader Daniel Reardon faulted at the last couple of Championship Rounds but despite also fighting arm pump, was in his element on the fast, sandy track.
“I’ve ridden on this track once before earlier in the year and I knew it was going to be great.  The preparation that has gone into it has made it one of the best rounds of the series.”  As for the reason behind his improvement at this round compared to the two previous, “I think the difference is really just that I’m back on my program.”
Nokia Pro-Open Class
Reardon took 1st overall on the day, with Shift Motul Suzuki’s Daryl Hurley taking second and KTM’s Jay Marmont placing 3rd.     Reardon won the first Moto but was tagged closely by Hurley in 2nd.  Troy Carrol of Cool Air Racing team crossed the line closely behind Hurley for 3rd.  In the second Moto, Reardon really found form and cruised away from the rest of the field for an easy win.   Behind him, Jay Marmont from Motorex KTM took 2nd and Hurley had to settle for 3rd.
Marmont explained his average performance in Moto 1, “In the first race I had clutch problems so I really struggled.  In the second Moto I got a good start and tried to stay with Reardon.  In the end I finished closer to Reardon than I have yet.  Hopefully next round I’ll take a win from him”.
Troy Carroll of Cool Air Racing Team said, “I had a good, consistent race.  At the start I thought I had the speed to pass Daryl Hurley but I ran into a few mechanical problems which slowed me down a bit.  Consistency has been working well for me so far in the Series; if I can stay in the top 3 I’ll be very happy.”
Kevin Crutcher, Team Manager of Cool Air Racing Team said, “Troy got great starts and rode well.  We just want to keep clocking up the series points.”
Daryl Hurley said that this was his first time of the track and that it was one of the best tracks he’s ever ridden in Australia.  “This is natural Motocross.  Its wide and there are heaps of lines so its easy to pass and the lappers don’t get in the way as much.”  Hurley also said that he is feeling better every round.  “I like having Reardon out there to chace as it makes me ride faster”, he said.
Honda Pro-Lites Class
Both Motos and the number 1 position on the day belonged to new factory rider, Shell Honda’s Lewis Stewart who has thrown down the gauntlet to series leader Jake Moss of Serco Yamaha.  Stewart got the holeshot both times and pulled away from the pack proving untouchable.  2nd overall on the day was Jake Moss and 3rd was Under 19 Wild Card, KTM rider Todd Waters.
Young Yamaha rider Luke George who is sponsored by Chad Reed, took 2nd in Moto 1 and in Moto 2 it was Kawasaki pilot Mitch Hoad who battled successfully with Michael Addison then with Moss for 2nd place.  Overall Moss failed to find his previous form and suffered from serious blisters and arm pump.
Lewis Stewart said,  “I got the holeshot and then it was the first time I’d been out in front so I was a bit nervous.  It’s fantastic now that I’ve got a ride with the Shell Honda factory team as there is more support.  It’s also great to get a win when my family have made the effort to come and watch.”  Stewart was also quick to thank his mechanics who he said were integral to his first Moto win.
Todd Waters on his KTM is the U/19 Wild Card who is mixing it easily with the Pro-Lites class.  “I loved the track and I wasn’t as nervous as I was last week; I’m confident now that I can hold my own in this field.  My bike was awesome today – the best it’s ever been”.
Talking about his first 2nd placing in a Moto for the Series, Luke George said, “I knew I could do it, I just had to get a good start and put it together.  I’ve been sitting in 2nd place at the beginning of some of the races but have crashed and fallen back.  Now I’m using my brain a bit more and riding sensibly and it’s paying off.”
Jake Moss knows he can perform better than he did today.  “I rode very tight from the beginning and got bad arm pump which kicked in at about lap 2 and I couldn’t shake it.  My glove also slipped up so I couldn’t grip the handle bar properly,” he said.
Mitch Hoad said that he approached his 2nd race slightly differently to the first, consciously riding more smoothly.  “I got a better start then settled into a good pace.  Half way through I made a few mistakes which made me lose a bit of pace but I managed to hold off Moss in the end for 2nd.”
Kawasaki Manager Brett Whale said, “we’ve worked harder than ever over the last month.  Both Mitch and Cody have suffered from arm pump so that hasn’t helped, but we’re definitely hoping to turn things around from here.”  Mitch Hoad’s 2nd in Moto 2 may well be the turning point he is looking for.
2007 AUSTRALIAN MOTOCROSS C’SHIP at Mackay: Rd7: Pro Open Race 1: D Reardon (Kawasaki) 32m23s 1, D Hurley (Suzuki) 32m31s 2, T Carroll (Suzuki) 32m39s 3, Cody Cooper (Honda) 32m46s 4, M Moss (Yamaha) 32m55s 5.  Race 2: D Reardon (Kawasaki) 32m51s 1, J Marmont (KTM) 32m57s 2, D Hurley (Suzuki) 33m17s 3, Lee Ellis (Honda) 33m18s 4, C Cooper (Honda) 33m19s 5.  Pro Lites Race 1: L Stewart (Honda) 32m27s 1, Luke George (Yamaha) 32m35s 2, T Waters (KTM) 32m45s 3, D Ferris (Yamaha) 32m54s 4, J Moss (Yamaha) 33m39s 5. Race 2: L Stewart (Shell Honda) 33m34s 1, M Hoad (Kawasaki) 33m34s 2, J Moss (Yamaha) 33m41s 3, C Mackie (Kawasaki) 33m46s 4, M Addison (KTM) 34m11s 5.  Support Class Race 1: A Harmon (Honda) 23m35s 1, B Dargel (Kawasaki) 24m 2, L Bettridge (Yamaha) 24m02s 3, M Hand (Honda) 24m03s 4, B Holley (Yamaha) 24m31s 5. Race 2: A Harmon (Honda) 24m06s 1, L Bettridge (Yamaha) 24m21s 2, B Dargel (Kawasaki) 24m47s 3, W Von Allman (Suzuki) 24m52s 4, J Stapleton (Yamaha) 25m22s 5.


CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: Pro Open: D Reardon 310 1, D Hurley 273 2, J Marmont 231 3, Cody Cooper 237 4, T Carroll 196 5.  Pro Lites: J Moss 312 1, M Hoad 226  2, D Anderson 204 3, C Mackie 197  4, K Tobin 194 5. Support class: A Harmon 50 1, L Bettridge 42 2, B Dargel 42 3, J Stapleton 28 4, W Von Allman 27 5.

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