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April 5, 2007 5:42pm | by:

Racer X,
Way to go 4 ping not bade for a retiered guy.       p.s.  what exactly is he ?


Dear Vern,

Not bade for a retiered guy. What?

photo: Steve Bruhn

Judging by the timing of this letter I can only assume you are talking about one of three things. Either you are talking about the WORCS race in Lake Havasu that I just did, the contract I just signed with the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/Honda Supermoto team or you read something that I wrote in the magazine or online recently and you are blown away with my mastery of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Of course, after reading your submission I don’t think it would take much to impress you in that category.
     Either way, thank you for your kind words; you are a sweetheart.

P.S. – I’m just a retiered (sic) guy.


Here's my question.  What’s Chad Reed on?  He has been whooped by both Bubba and RC every which way from Sunday yet every time he opens his mouth it seems as if he thinks he is right there.  If you look at the lap times, Villopoto would have beat him at A1 and Houston on his 250 ( even funnier since Chad recently said RV wasn't yet suited for riding a 450 style wise - in my opinion he looks a lot like a certain other rider who was posting 450 times on a 250 just a couple years back).  I remember when MC was finishing up his career and RC was taking over that RC was not as eloquent with his words and has some polishing up to do.  He certainly improved and he leaves the sport as a model champion in effort, words and results.  I see Bubba much the same:  He is okay and getting better after taking some hard heat in the press in past years.  Reed just doesn't seem to be getting better.  Maybe the lack of results on the track has stunted his growth but he would do well to read this and get a move on. 
     I could say plenty more but will cut my comments here.  Maybe you can enlighten me and my viewpoint will change but I think Chad needs a dose of reality and a helping of humble pie.

Dave Merkley

Dear Dave,

Speedy Reedy

photo: Steve Bruhn

I don’t think Chad’s on anything, although I know he eats vegemite and I would rather eat a whole rock of crack than ingest that vile goo. For some reason all of those shrimp-fingers down there love the stuff. It smells like a tackle box and it tastes like toe jam.
     Anyhoo, I hear what you are saying about Reedy. He does seem surprisingly upbeat even when he is a couple seconds per lap off the pace. I think that is probably just what he has to say to himself to keep from getting frustrated. It can’t be easy getting second and third every weekend and still trying to believe that you can win. Remember, Supercross is a very mental game, more than most people know, and getting your mind right is the difference between being a champion and being a mid-packer. I know this from experience because I never got my mind right and my championship trophy case is emptier than OJ’s promise to find his wife’s real killer. But you have to admit, Chad was on the gas in Texas and gave James just about all he could handle, so maybe his mindset is working?
     However, RC never had to do try and fool himself or anyone else. He would admit that he got worked and then come back the next weekend and try to redeem himself. I always appreciated his honesty. And don’t think for a minute that Villopoto won’t make the transition over to a 450. I’ve seen that kid ride a big bike and he is ridiculous. Everyone would be mistaken to think that Ryan won’t be a threat when he moves up. In fact, if he doesn’t find a way to step up to the next level in his own riding, lots of people may find himself riding around behind RV very soon.


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