Racing, Books and Rewards from Log Road MX

March 7, 2007 8:07am

For several years, Jeff and Cathy Beerbower have had an idea on the back burner to initiate a Log Road MX scholarship for college bound racers. Jeff, Cathy, Amy and I feel that education is an important tool that every rider needs to take advantage of. If we, as owners of Log Road MX, can do something to make a college education a reality in our racers’ futures we are willing and wanting to help make that happen. With that goal in mind, 2007 will mark the first year in what we hope is a long line of Log Road MX scholarships. Motocross is a great tool for learning; it teaches you hard work, determination, confidence and the ability to work through adversity. Motocross is a sport that sets you apart from the crowd and can be a great asset in getting into the school or program of your choice.

The 2007 Log Road MX Scholarship program is open to all AMA District 14 riders, with a priority given to Log Road MX participants. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to be eligible. Applicants must exemplify creativity, a desire to win, a strong entrepreneurial sprit and plans to enroll or are already a student at a higher education college, university or trade school. Interested riders will need to turn in or mail a complete transcript of grades in addition to an essay, of at least 500 words, explaining how motocross has affected your schooling, your life and how you feel that it will help you in your chosen career. A total sum of $1000 will be distributed to one or more applicants based on their essays and their GPA.

Motocross is a sport that both the Beerbower and Newman families have been involved with for years and we feel both honored and blessed that we have the ability through Log Road MX to give something back to sport we are so passionate about. Good luck, go fast, stay safe and send in your application. We can’t wait to read them.

Applicants must have transcripts and essays post marked or turned in no later than July 14th, 2007. The winner(s) will be awarded at Log Road MX, on Sunday August 19th, during Michigan Mafia Championship being held on August 18th & 19th, 2007 at the Bronson Michigan facility.

Mail scholarship request, grade transcripts and essay to Log Road MX, 20219 Hubbard Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49017 not later than July 14th, 2007, for more information you may contact Jeff & Cathy Beerbower at or 419-636-5430 or Bart & Amy Newman at 269-274-8926 or