2007 HYR Endurance Race Series

March 7, 2007 8:05am

March 18th is the
13th Annual 6 Hour Endurance Race

June 30th is the
6th Annual 12 Hour Endurance Race

October 13th & 14th
is the 9th Annual 24 Hour Endurance Race

Glen Helen holds three annual team endurance races throughout the year, each increasing in length and time. Last Year, in the 6 Hour, there were 113 Teams and 38 Ironman for a total of 151. David Pearson and Matt Gosnall took the Overall in the 251 open Expert class.

Each endurance race has a specially designed track, designed by Ron Lawson and Gary Jones. The courses have all types of terrain, from washes, hills, asphalt, MX section, ridges, trees, etc. Glen Helen Raceway is one of the few tracks left in the Southern California Region that can give riders this type of endurance track. The Endurance Champion will be based on each event; the Rider of Record will get points for his team. The Pro Class will also be racing for points, but even more important, they will be racing for the largest Trophy in MX History!!! 
For more information, call our 24 hour information line at 909-880-3090 or visit