San Diego Practice Report

While most of the Racer X crew is holding it down in Indy, we've still got eyes on the track here in San Diego. Also, Ping is down in the pits running the Racer X booth (wonder how many autographs he has signed?)

Besides that, it's the standard stuff here in San Diego. The day started off with the track completely saturated, as the Dirt Wurx crew thought ahead and anticipated that the dirt would dry out under the hot Southern California sun. And that’s exactly what has happened, as now, by the second set of practice sessions, the track looks hard, slick, and dry, and in fact, there’s some dust in the air.

            Also business as usual at the front of the pack, with Ryan Villopoto logging the fastest lap times in both 250F practice sessions. In the second session, Josh Hansen, Chris Gosselaar were the second and third fastest. Emig rules!

            (Sorry, Jeff Emig just walked over to my computer and typed that.)

            In the supercross class, James Stewart showed a supreme display of confidence by actually spending most of his practice time in the mechanics’ area adjusting some settings. But in each session he was sure to go out and log the fastest lap, anyway. Most riders got in over ten laps of practice in the second practice session while Stewart was in the pits working. Then James started his bike, put in one fast lap to get his name on the top of the board, and then rolled back into the mechanics’ area to pick up his mechanic, Jeremy Albrecht, and head back to the Kawasaki truck. Stewart only put in four laps in that session, but his fastest lap was fastest of all.

            And those Kawasakis must not need too many changes to their setup, because Tim Ferry was the second fastest rider on the hard, dry dirt in the second session, one tenth faster than Chad Reed.

            That’s the word from this afternoon in San Diego. Enjoy the show at, and check out Speed TV’s broadcast tomorrow at 6pm EST. That Emig guy rules.