Number Cruncher Redux: #102

January 19, 2007 12:52pm | by:

Earlier this week in the Shift Racing Number Cruncher, Andy Bowyer crunched #102. It's tough to cover everyone who wore a a particular number, so that's why we encourage your feedback. So here are some other famous #102s...

1992 Dave Hand wore #102 at Kenworthy's Pro National and scored a fifth place in the first moto!
Allen Beech

In 1974 Gerrit Wolsink wore #102 in the Trans - Am Series aboard a Suzuki.

Mark A.

Don’t have any riders for #102, but I do have this image of Bimbos bike that someone did as a replica of his factory racer. These Hondas sure looked cool, running those FOX springless AirShox.

Rick Conley
Hollister, CA

photo: Courtesy of Terry Good