Stefan Everts' Goodbye Party: 30th of September in Neeroeteren

August 7, 2006 7:28am

Without a doubt Stefan Everts is the most successful GP rider ever. This weekend he's on the edge of making history again by winning his 10th World Title. In September this tale will end as Stefan will stop his career. One thing is sure; he wants to do it in style ! He proves that with his incredible results so far this year. 
With the fanclub there has always been a great fan party every year after the season. Last year this was a celebration party for his title but this year we want to do something special. Instead of an evening there will be a whole day to say goodbye to Stefan.
This party will be held on Saturday the 30th September in Neeroeteren in "de kiezelgroeve", Stefan’s home track where the GP took place a few years ago. It will be a day full of entertainment for young and old, MX fan or not.
In the morning Stefan will be honoured by the city Neeroeteren for his contribution to the sport and the city of Neeroeteren. Afterwards everybody will head towards the motocross track where the 'must see exposition' will be officially opened. That exposition will be an overview of Stefan’s whole career with all the special items he collected throughout his career. All his championship bikes, outfits, helmets, trophies etc. will be shown in this unique exposition.
There will also be a "battle the king" contest where old rivals will try to beat Stefan in some contests. That will be a lot of fun and an ultimate chance for the others to beat Stefan! Further in the evening an exclusive talk show will be done where Stefan will meet old friends and discuss his career joined by some old video scenes. This show will be on air the next day on national TV in Belgium.
Meanwhile the whole surface will be filled with tons of entertainment. Children will have a special show while their parents will be able to enjoy the show or drink something. There will be clowns, beat boxers and so many more things.
In the evening there's a big party with a special concert of Praga Khan, who will perform some special made songs for Stefan. After this there will be a DJ-set followed by a party until the late hours. 
Everybody is welcome, entrance is free and there will be camping area available. Hope to see you all in September! More information can be found on