Rollon Throttle Thanks Its Loretta Lynn’s Team

August 7, 2006 7:35am

Rollon Throttle wishes to congratulate and thank all it’s riders for their performances at Loretta Lynn’s 2006 Air Nautique Amateur National Motocross Championship. Rollon’s exclusive Lightning and Unipro throttles, designed to effectively increase response and control were used to help achieve a total of 8 top 10 overall finishes.

Rider                                 Class                      Championship position
Kevin Walker,Yamaha           Vet 35 Plus                 2
Brad Graham, Team Green  250/Open A                3
Kevin Walker,Yamaha            Vet 30 Plus                4
Justin Sipes, WBR Suzuki    125 A                           4
Rick Wright                              Senior 45 Plus           5
Ricky Renner, Team Green   125 A Pro Sport         5
Justin Sipes, WBR Suzuki      250/Open A               7
Brad Graham, Team Green    125 A                          9
Blair Miller, Team Green          250 A Pro Sport      11
Rick Wright, Honda                  Senior 40 Plus         18
Ricky Renner, Team Green    250 A Pro Sport        18
Blair Miller, Team Green         125 A Pro Sport         21
Bryan Shiflet, Suzuki                250/Open C                27
Donnie Adams,Honda             250 A Pro Sport         30
Donnie Adams,Honda             125 A Pro Sport         33
Branden Miller,KTM                 125 B Stock                DNF,injury
Branden Miller,KTM                 125 B Mod                  DNF,injury
Chris Osborne, Honda             250 A Pro Sport         DNF,injury

Thanks guys for using and believing in Rollon Throttles!