Ernesto Fonseca update

March 28, 2006 6:58am | by:

Tony Gardea of Next Level Management sent out an industry-wide e-mail last night giving everyone an update on Team Honda's Ernesto Fonseca, who suffered a practice crash earlier this month in California:
I know it's been some time since we've released information on Ernesto's recovery, so I thought I'd drop a quick note so we can all continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers!
The overflow of support has really been impressive and it's been overwhelming to watch how our sport can come together for one of its own. We've received thousands of letters and warm thoughts from all over the world (and Ernesto has us read them all to him!) and told him that several race wins were dedicated to him, including those of RC and Roger Lee Hayden at Daytona and the recent victory in Paris by world class bicyclist Floyd Landis. This support, as well as the many who have sent along their well wishes through internet posts and word of mouth, has been relayed to Ernesto over the past few weeks.
Tomorrow (Tues) will mark three weeks since his injury and he continues his recovery at the hospital in Riverside. He has been slow to regain full strength in his lungs, but his overall health has been good and the doctors continue to remind him that his road to recovery will be long (especially when Ernesto asks "when do I get to leave?") and to look for results over time, and not day-to-day. The movement in his arms and hands continues to show improvement and all other progress with his legs will begin with rehabilitation, time and prayers .
He has the heart and determination to fight this thing and also has an excellent support group that begins with his wife, Carolina, and parents, who have been at his side the entire time. He also wanted to send along his gratitude to the many who have shown their support through these tough times. He will be leaning on that support group as he begins his road to recovery.
P.S.  Several programs are being planned to generate support for Ernesto, including "Fonseca 10" wristbands, "collector's edition" wallpapers for both desktop and mobile phones, t-shirts, stickers and other support-related items. Announcements will be released in the coming weeks to inform everyone on just how they can get behind Ernesto in his fight!