Houston SX After-Party

March 28, 2006 11:05am

Supercross After-Party Houston

Newcastle Brown Ale Supercross AFTER-PARTY

Pink Monkey Houston!

Hosted BY Del Amo motorsports Jamey Grosser #117

Date: Saturday April 1, 2006

Location: Pink Monkey
 709 Franklin St.
 Houston, TX. 77002
 Ph 713-227-7465

Wanna play with my monkey?

Houston Texas- Everything is bigger in Texas and so are the Parties!!!!

For those of you that were lucky enough to make the party in Houston last year, you are probably still telling the stories! Well get ready to make some more at the Pink Monkey! Be the first one to get on to www.sxap.com ASAP to get directions and reserve your VIP pass- No lines, No Cover, VIP room you also can check out the pics from all the parties!

Newcastle Beer specials, also UV Vodka / Red Bull drink Features all night long!

Special Thanks to SXAP Sponsors: Newcastle, UV Vodka, Red Bull, Del Amo Motorsports.