Get your Jeremy McGrath trading card at Anaheim 1

January 6, 2006 10:43am | by:

If you're going to A1 this weekend, there's something new at the Racer X booth that you don't want to miss: free Racer X supercross trading cards!

This year we decided to pay tribute to our past 250 supercross champions. The trading cards have been designed by our good friend Marc Estabrooks, and you can't buy them anywhere, but we'll give you one free if you stop by the Racer X booth.

The cards will be available at every round of the 2006 AMA Amp'd Mobile Supercross Series, with a different rider featured each week.

This week's featured rider is seven-time SX champion Jeremy McGrath. There are a total of 15 different cards.

Want all 15 SX trading cards? You can go to each round of the SX series, or you can just renew or sign up for a new Racer X subscription at the booth. Also when you sign up you will get a Chad Reed cover poster and the newest copy of Racer X Illustrated. So look for Fubar in the Anaheim pits and get yourself a limited-edition Jeremy McGrath trading card!