Staging Area: Muddy Creek

Staging Area Muddy Creek

June 22, 2017 11:00am

Muddy Creek might live up to its name this weekend. With Tropical Storm Cindy aiming at the entire Southeast, rain due on Saturday morning could have a devastating effect on the Tennessee clay. The winds should have slowed significantly so there wouldn’t be any danger per se, but the rains will be rolling in starting as early as tonight. The Muddy Creek track isn’t an ideal one for heavy rain as the slick clay won’t absorb it as well as a track like Southwick would. That rain will turn into big puddles and some incredibly sticky mud. I am sure that the MX Sports crew, along with Sam Gammons’ crew, are working feverishly to pack the dirt as hard as possible but there is only so much that can be done. They will attempt to “seal” the dirt so that the rain runs off instead of soaking into deeper soil. That will give the track its best chance, but if it takes several inches of rain, mud is unavoidable. They might be able to keep the soil super hard, which will make it incredibly slippery and create standing water situations, but their innovation and experience will always be overpowered by a determined mother nature.

On a dry day, Muddy Creek is a fun track to ride. It has a mix of hills, ruts and safe jumps that I always enjoyed as an amateur racer. The track crew has been working to widen the course as its first few national events were learning opportunities. They have also worked on track prep timing and when and how to water on a national schedule. I don’t think any of that will come into play with this weekend’s impending doom but there has still been a concerted effort which should be noted.

This track is a “home track” for several of the sport’s elite. Broc Tickle, Zach Osborne, and Cooper Webb have all done countless laps in eastern Tennessee so they should feel right at home. Webb has thrived at this round in the past so look for him to attempt a breakout ride from his early season woes. Home track nationals are always fun as friends and family get to come watch and everywhere you turn, you see someone you know. There is also a level of comfort that subconsciously sets in which seems to give a confidence boost. Whether or not the rain destroys any of that advantage, we will have to watch and see.

Questions I Want Answered:

Will Jason Anderson get as “creative” as he did on his line choices at High Point?

Will Eli remind Dakota Alix that he is #1?

How much did High Point damage Aaron Plessinger’s social life?

Who is ready to take the reins of the 450 class or will it be a tit for tat all the way to Indiana?

Which Joey Savatgy is the real Joey Savatgy?

Can Cooper Webb find his Muddy Creek magic?

Who’s Hot:

Blake Baggett has won two in a row and his confidence is on another level.

Jeremy Martin traded moto scores with Zach Osborne but his second moto gave him the nod.

Broc Tickle grabbed a holeshot in the second moto and did enough to get an overall podium.

Can Webb find the podium at his home race?
Can Webb find the podium at his home race? Rich Shepherd

Who’s Not:

Marvin Musquin has a meniscus tear in his knee, putting his summer in doubt. This weekend’s weather is not helping, as he can’t put his foot down and in mud that’s a must.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki is struggling with a few things and losing big points to the leaders.

Cade Clason failed his WADA test, which will keep him out of racing anytime soon.

Bold Predictions:

Christophe Pourcel foregoes his Canadian event in hopes of racing his jet ski at Muddy Creek.

We have a first time winner in the 450 class under heavy rains.

I never say anything bad about Ken Roczen again because he is a savage on social media.

Jason Anderson finds a new line and qualifies in pole position, a full 33 seconds ahead of the second best time.

Aaron Plessinger wins the 250 class.

My Picks


Aaron Plessinger

Zach Osborne

Joey Savatgy


Broc Tickle

Eli Tomac

Blake Baggett