Racer X Films: Weege Show with Marvin Musquin

March 1, 2017 5:10pm | by:

Quiz the fans on Marvin Musquin’s personality and you’ll likely get an answer like “Nicest guy ever.” And he sure seems that way, as Marvin is not only polite to all around him, but doesn’t even seem to get angered by testy moments on the track. But Jason Weigandt wanted to figure it out. Is he really as nice as he seems, or is there an edge behind the scenes that most don’t see?

You’ll find out in this episode of the Weege Show, which asks the questions that have nothing to do with racing. Or does it? Our Marvin conversation took place before the Dallas Supercross, and since then Marv had an Atlanta run-in with Justin Bogle that left Bogle very unhappy. Maybe Marvin is taking some of his own advice and getting more aggressive on the track! Have a look at the video to learn more.

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