Online Poll

Online Poll

November 29, 2016 10:15am

We're nearly within a month of the Monster Energy Supercross opener and several big names are still without high-end rides. If you were a factory team manager with an extra slush budget, who would you roll a bike under?

The following riders are proven talents, but as of today haven't announced official 2017 deals. There are rumors out there for some of them, but we'll treat them all as free agents for the moment.

What rider do you most want to see on a factory 450 at Anaheim?

Justin Brayton 799 votes - 9.4%

Malcolm Stewart 3305 votes - 38.9%

James Stewart 1854 votes - 21.8%

Jake Weimer 323 votes - 3.8%

Dean Wilson 2214 votes - 26.1%