Injury Report: Ironman

Injury Report Ironman

August 26, 2016 10:00am


Jason Anderson – Collarbone
Comment: Anderson, who was recently named to Team USA for this year’s MXoN, will be back at Ironman this weekend after breaking his collarbone earlier in the year.

Blake Baggett – Shoulder
Comment: Baggett is out for the season after reinjuring his collarbone during practice at Southwick.

Justin Bogle – Neck
Comment: A neck injury incurred at Southwick will keep Bogle out of action in Indiana.

Tyler Bowers – Shoulder, Ribs, Leg
Comment: Bowers is out after incurring injuries to his shoulder, ribs, and leg while practicing at Glen Helen.

Justin Brayton - Banged Up
Comment: Brayton announced on Instagram last week that he was still "banged up" from his crash at Washougal and will miss this weekend.

Trey Canard – Concussion
Comment: Trey Canard will miss this weekend.

Josh Grant – Ankle
Comment: Grant is out after having surgery on both ankles earlier this year.

Ryan Dungey – Neck
Comment: Dungey broke a vertebrae in a crash at Thunder Valley and is out for Ironman.

Wil Hahn – Collarbone, Labrum, and Scapula
Comment: Hahn is back on the bike and is heading to Australia to compete in the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship later this year. He’s out for this weekend.

Tommy Hahn – Ankle
Comment: Hahn is out due to an ankle injury incurred early in the year.

Ben LaMay - Torn MCL
Comment: LaMay tore his MCL during practice in Washougal. He’ll miss Indiana.

Christophe Pourcel – Neck
Comment: Pourcel fractured his C6 Vertebrae at Washougal and is out for the season.

James Stewart – Shoulder
Comment: Stewart will miss Indiana with a nagging shoulder injury.

Broc Tickle – Pelvis
Comment: Tickle suffered a season-ending pelvis fracture at Spring Creek.

Cole Seely – Finger
Comment: Seely had a plate and four screws inserted in his pinky finger after breaking it while practicing. He’s out for the finale.

Jesse Wentland – Collarbone
Comment: Wentland will miss Ironman after breaking his collarbone while practicing.


Zach Bell – Collarbone and Infection
Comment: Bell had two surgeries to fix a broken collarbone and subsequent infection. He’s out for this weekend.

Christian Craig – Leg
Comment: Craig broke his tibia and fibula at Glen Helen and will miss the finale.

Alex Frye – Knee
Comment: Frye tore his ACL, had surgery. He will miss this weekend.

Michael Leib – Foot/Ankle
Comment: Mid-season during supercross, Leib discovered he’d broken his talus and navicular in January. Leib had surgery and is working on recovering. He’s out for Indiana.

Jeremy Martin – Ribs
Comment: Martin’s shot at a title defense ended when he fractured two ribs in a pileup during the second moto at Washougal. He’s out for Saturday.

Shane McElrath – Concussion, Shoulder, Lungs, and Ribs
Comment: McElrath suffered a grade 3 AC separation in his shoulder, bruised lungs and seven broken ribs at Southwick. He’s out for the weekend.

Jessy Nelson – Back
Comment: Nelson crashed hard at Unadilla and fractured his T4 and T5 vertebra. He initially had no feeling or movement in his legs but was later starting to regain sensation in his chest and ribs. Nelson underwent successful surgery last week to help stabilize his back, and doctors told the family that “there was no further damage and the surgery went well and according to plan.” It is still too early to confidently determine the extent of Jessy’s injuries. If you’re able, contribute to the Road 2 Recovery fund that has been set up for Nelson.

Colt Nichols - Knee
Comment: Nichols will miss this weekend after having surgery on a meniscus injured at Washougal.

Chase Sexton – Knee
Comment: Sexton was set to make his pro debut at Unadilla but an avulsion fracture in his knee kept him out of action. He had surgery and is out for Indiana.

Coty Schock – Broken Vertebra, Wrist
Comment: The privateer went down hard in the first moto at Unadilla; the race was red flagged as a result. Schock underwent successful surgery to repair a broken L1 vertebrae. Doctors were able to repair the broken L1 vertebrae with two rods and a plate. He also sustained a broken wrist, but it will not require surgery. Road 2 Recovery has set up a fundraising campaign to help with expenses.