How Did France Win The ISDE?

September 14, 2015 4:55pm | by:
How Did France Win The ISDE?

If you were following the International Six-Days Enduro last week, you probably saw Team USA and Team Australia battling for the World Team Trophy early, and then Australia pull a huge lead when the American team was beset by a ton of bad luck—like an injury to Kailub Russell and bike troubles for Thad DuVall. By the fifth day of six, Australia’s first-ever win seemed like a lock.

Then somehow France won for the fourth year in a row. How?

Well, on Day 3, eight riders had scores disqualified when they got lost on the trail and missed a checkpoint. That group of eight included three French riders (half of the six-rider team) and no Australians. (American Taylor Robert was also DQed.) The French Federation protested the decision, and then late in Day 5 the disqualifications were reversed, and the French team went from three DQs to three solid scores. This was enough to leapfrog ahead of the Australian team.

The Aussies then only had Day 6 to respond, but that’s a short day consisting of just a motocross test. They dug deep and cut their two-minute deficit down to one minute, but it was too little too late, and France had the victory once again.

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with the Australian team, which then boycotted the podium ceremony at the end of the event. The team briefly jumped to the top step of the stage, then ran off and refused to stand in the position reserved for the second-place team. Controversial, for sure.

Here’s the FIM’s official PR about reinstating the scores:

Following the disqualification of eight riders by the FIM International Jury on Day 3 of the 2015 FIM International Six Days’ Enduro World Championship in Kosice, Slovakia, the Fédération Française de Motocyclisme (FFM) lodged an appeal yesterday, Thursday 9 September, against the decision of the FIM International Jury with the FIM International Disciplinary Court (CDI) in accordance with Art. 4.5 of the FIM Disciplinary and Arbitration Code (CDA).

In its appeal, the FFM petitioned the CDI for immediate stay of execution of the FIM International Jury’s decision in accordance with Article 4.8 CDA.

In view of the urgent nature of the matter and the exceptional circumstances of the case, the CDI has decided to order stay of execution of the International Jury’s decision and reintegration of all eight riders disqualified into the competition on a provisional basis until further notice.

This order is without prejudice to any decision by the CDI on the merits of the case.

Note that the PR does say the scores are added back into the competition on a provisional basis, so we suppose there’s a chance the decision could be reversed again, but no one we’ve talked to seems to think that’s likely. Expect this one to burn for a long time in the minds of the Australians. By the way, Australia did win the Junior Trophy overall.

Below are full results.

FIM International Six Days Enduro

Kosice, Slovakia

World Trophy Team Overall 
1. France 21:08:30.76
2. Australia 21:09:31.14
3. Spain 21:18:57.52
4. Italy 21:22:05.17
5. Great Britain 21:31:14.14
6. Finland 21:49:13.25
7. Germany 22.01:46.71
8. Czech Republic 22:03:19.92
9. Sweden 22:23:17.01
10. Slovakia 22:29:14.26
Individual Overall
1. Ryan Sipes United States of America Hus
2. Daniel Milner Australia Yam
3. Loic Larrieu France Sherco
4. Taylor Robert United States of America KTM
5. Matthew Phillips Australia KTM
6. Jaume Betriu Spain Hus
7. David Knight Great Britain KTM
8. Grant Baylor United States of America Yam
9. Beau Ralston Australia Yam
10. Tye Simmonds Australia KTM
Junior Trophy Overall
1. Australia 12:56:33.09
2. Sweden 13:11:59.93
3. Italy 13:23:17.17
4. France 13:24:24.41
5. Great Britain 13:26:33.72
6. Finland 13:27:52.57
7. Mexico 13:44:14.55
8. Czech Republic 13:54:51.53
9. Slovakia 14:01:18.07
10. Austria 14:08:47.69
Women Trophy Overall
1. Australia 10:15:02.65​
2. France 11:10:56.38​
3. Sweden 11:30:23.63​
4. Finland 11:39:14.13​
5. United States 11:41:37.80​
6. Slovakia 36:00:00.00​