Team France Wins FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

July 20, 2015 9:25am | by:
Team France Wins FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

Behind Maxime Renaux's overall win in the 125cc Class and a second from Brian Strubhart Moreau in 85cc, Team France won the 2015 Junior Motocross World Championship in Spain this past weekend. Great Britain and Australia would round out the podium.

Due to a scheduling conflict with the AMA Amateur Motocross National Championship at Loretta Lynn's, defending champion Team USA were not represented in 2015. Loretta Lynn’s kicks off on July 29.

"It would be unreasonable to ask our motocross families, which invest significant resources into the national program, to also travel to Spain within a 10-day period,” said AMA Motocross Manager Kip Bigelow in early July when the announcement was made.

"I couldn't be more displeased with the scheduling conflict," Bigelow said. "The AMA has put forth great effort to support this event with a full team of our elite racers and crew."

The Dutch had a great showing in Spain, winning two of the three overalls. Raivo Dankers won the 85cc Class while Kay Karssemakers claimed the 65cc overall.

Check out full results and highlights below.

125 Class Highlights

125 Class Overall

1. Maxime Renaux (FRA, YAM), 50 points; 2. Conrad Mewse (GBR, KTM), 44 p.; 3. Hunter Lawrence (AUS, KTM), 34 p.; 4. Ruben Fernandez Garcia (ESP, KTM), 33 p.; 5. Mathys Boisrame (FRA, YAM), 30 p.; 6. Richard Sikyna (SVK, KTM), 26 p.; 7. Miro Sihvonen (FIN, KTM), 26 p.; 8. Jorge Prado Garcia (ESP, KTM), 25 p.; 9. Davide Cislaghi (ITA, TM), 24 p.; 10. Nathan Renkens (BEL, KTM), 21 p.

85 Class Highlights

85 Class Overall

1. Raivo Dankers (NED, KTM), 45 points; 2. Brian Strubhart Moreau (FRA, KAW), 43 p.; 3. Bastian Boegh Damm (DEN, KAW), 40 p.; 4. Petr Polak (CZE, KTM), 32 p.; 5. Rick Elzinga (NED, KTM), 29 p.; 6. Rene Hofer (AUT, KTM), 28 p.; 7. Christopher Mills (GBR, KTM), 24 p.; 8. Rhys Budd (AUS, KTM), 23 p.; 9. Marcel Stauffer (AUT, KTM), 22 p.; 10. Emilio Scuteri (ITA, KTM), 21 p.

65 Class Highlights

65 Class Overall

1. Kay Karssemakers (NED, KTM), 50 points; 2. Adam Zsolt Kovacs (HUN, KTM), 42 p.; 3. Radek Vetrovski (CZE, KTM), 37 p.; 4. Florian Miot (FRA, KTM), 34 p.; 5. Matvey Vopilov (RUS, KTM), 34 p.; 6. Martin Venhoda (CZE, KTM), 29 p.; 7. Zakhar Osmolovskiy (RUS, KTM), 26 p.; 8. Pablo Gutierrez Solis (ESP, KTM), 25 p.; 9. Vinnie Guthrie (GBR, KTM), 22 p.; 10. Adria Monne Viles (ESP, KTM), 18 p.