Engine Ice Introduces Champion's Chip Award

July 14, 2015 9:05am | by:

Merritt Island, FL - The Engine Ice Champion’s Chip is a unique award that will be presented to competitors and participants in all forms of racing for their championships, race wins and extraordinary accomplishments, as well as acts of good sportsmanship.

The concept comes from David Kimmey, owner of CycleLogic Products, the producer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant. It is based upon the long-standing military tradition of “Challenge Coins” which date back as far as the Roman era. These coins were given to soldiers who showed extraordinary efforts or heroic acts, and they would receive a specially struck coin in recognition for their efforts. That tradition continues to this day in our own US Armed Forces.

"At Engine Ice, we want to reward and recognize users of our product, sponsored racers and our consumers, for their wins, championships and extraordinary accomplishments," Kimmey explained. "I will personally select the athletes to become recipients of the Engine Ice Champion’s Chips. We are involved in a lot of different forms of racing and each weekend presents another opportunity to search out potential Champion Chip recipients."

These Engine Ice Champion’s Chips will not be given away as promotional materials or at random, they will need to be earned.

Athletes will know when they meet up with another racer who has an Engine Ice Champion’s Chip that they earned it through hard work and extraordinary efforts, just as they did. It is an honorable bond between all recipients.    

Justin Starling, of the Traders Racing Kawasaki team, is one of the first recipients.
Justin Starling, of the Traders Racing Kawasaki team, is one of the first recipients.

Justin Starling is one of the first recipients of the Engine Ice Champion's Chip for his first AMA Pro Motocross holeshot at this year's Budds Creek on a production bike against some fast factory racers.

Stay tuned for future announcements and Champion's Chip awards.

For more information about Engine Ice, contact David Kimmey at Dave@EngineIce.com or visit  http://www.engineice.com.