Maxxis British Motocross Championship Highlights

July 1, 2015 1:20pm

Film: Max Hind

The fifth round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship, powered by Skye Energy Drink, made its debut at Blaxhall this past weekend. Max Anstie had a perfect day in MX2, winning the overall over Steven Lenoir and Steven Clarke.

In MX1, Shaun Simpson edged Steve Frossard by a mere 3 points. Kristian Whatley rounded out the podium.

MX1 Overall
1. Shaun Simpson 72pts
2. Steven Frossard 69pts
3. Kristian Whatley 46pts
4. Jake Nicholls 45pts
5. Tanel Leok 44pts
6. Martin Barr 41pts
7. Gert Krestinov 38pts
8. Ashley Wilde 37pts
9. Graeme Irwin 36pts
10. Brad Anderson 35pts
MX2 Overall
1. Max Anstie 75pts
2. Steven Lenoir 57pts
3. Steven Clarke 56pts
4. Adam Sterry 50pts
5. Ben Watson 49pts
6. Carlton Husband 41pts
7. Bryan Mackenzie 40pts
8. Robert Davidson 28pts
9. James Cottrell 27pts
10. Matiss Karro 26pts