GPF/On Track Scholarship Program

June 25, 2015 5:15pm | by:

One thing that has always driven the Woods Family and Andrea Leib of On Track School, is the desire to provide amateur and professional motocross athletes with the advantages of having a quality education and a first class riding and training facility that would allow the athlete to compete at the highest levels while continuing to receive an accredited education. The dedication that it takes an individual to complete these two things will follow this person for the rest of their lives no matter what path they may choose.

We are pleased to announce the GPF/On Track scholarship program. One individual athlete and their family will receive a full academic/athletic scholarship

GPF will provide:

  1. One full hook up campsite water, sewer, and electricity.
  2. Daily individual and group riding and training sessions with Josh Woods
  3. Loretta Lynn Boot Camp (1 month prep before LL)
  4. Full access to all amenities at GPF
  5. Internet Service
  6. Full Fitness Center
  7. Laundry Facilities
  8. Recreation Center
  9. Large discounts on all OEM parts and accessories (all brands)
  10. Help with bike set-up
  11. Full access to all tracks—SX, AX, MX   (SX riders must have current AMA SX license or prior authorization from GPF management before participation on SX track)

Athlete must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a legal guardian

For more information about GPF please visit

On Track School will provide the winner of the GPF/On Track Scholarship with tuition free school enrollment into any of our educational programs. On Track School encompasses all grade levels with an accredited education that allows students the ability to take their education with them and complete it anywhere, anytime. Our programs include traditional K-12 enrollment, an accelerated high school diploma program, and online college courses that are transferable to thousands of national colleges and universities.

On Track School will provide:

Full teacher support including the capability to meet weekly “face to face” online.

All curriculum including books and online support.

All fees including registration, tuition, administrative, and tuition.

All placement assessments and customized learning solutions.

For more information about Andrea Leib and On Track School, please visit: and review the Enrollment section.

The individual selected will be chosen strictly upon that person’s ability to demonstrate through written correspondence, and by their desire to reach the highest obtainable level of their abilities on and off the race track. There is no age limit and the award is not based strictly on riding ability.

This is a very exciting time for motocross, as the Woods family at GPF and Andrea Leib of Stay on Track offer something that we feel has been a long time coming. We are all looking forward to creating what we feel is one of the most over looked aspects of amateur Moto-X.

Individuals and or their families wishing to participate and apply for this scholarship can do so by contacting.

Ray Woods 810-569-2606

Josh Woods 810-348-8700

Terry Woods 810-869-5314

Andrea Leib 909-374-8851

We will send you an application and instructions for completion. The recipient of the award for the 2015/2016 season and their family will be announced at the 2015 Amateur National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. You may also find us at some of the regional championship events feel free to stop by or call for more information about this incredible opportunity.