Sports Seminar for Parents and Kids

April 22, 2015 3:05pm | by:

Hello, my name is Nicolas Stankov. I love motorcycles (I have been involved in motocross for more than thirty-three years now) and also love sports, as many of you do. I work as a motorsports mental coach/trainer, and I am father of a girl (4 years old) and a boy (8 years old).

We are creating a community project (one-hour seminar) in sports that involves the relationships between parents and their children.

We have seen many times (not only in our sport), the pressure that the kids have to handle due to their parents, coaches, or even friends' expectations, sometimes going beyond the limits on what could be a "great weekend experience," becomes a complete nightmare for the kids, because they didn't get the results that the parents or coaches were looking for. As we know, in many cases children participate only with dreams of "playing on being a racer."

The lack of information, financial planning, education, ego, status, etc. are some of the causes. We have been witnessing this all over the world not only in motocross tracks but in sports in general. Some examples of this are parents showing the invoices to their children with things like: "Do you know how much we spend over this weekend and you did nothing?" Or, simply the conversation in the car returning home is a torturing, silent experience. In the worst cases I personally have seen parents punching their kids on their helmets very hard and in front of many people "showing them a lesson," but we said, "What a lesson." 

Some organizations like the International Motorcyclist Federation (FIM) and American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) have been developing some rules about the subject, and in that order of ideas we decided to create a seminar called "Promoting Famil Unity through Joyful Sports." We want to give information to the parents, coaches, etc. so they can have more tools to lead their kids through a joyful process, looking in their son's eyes as they grow up achieving great moments in life trough the practice of any sport, art, activity, etc.

As we say, "Everything is in our heads—not outside"; it's all about on how our minds receive, perceive, and process the information. 

If we don't do anything about it, what normally happens is that when these kids have bad experiences with sports, they leave them with emotions of hate, resentment, or violence, creating opportunities to be involved in drugs or other issues that our society can't cope with anymore.

Through their participation in this opportunity, we are gifting the children with one little souvenir (minibike) marked with this special date and with his name, so it could be a memory for them. 

The seminar is going to be presented at the local dealer, Palmetto Motorsports—6400 NW 20th Ave, in Miami, Florida on May 8, 2015 At 7:00 p.m. (EST). Also, we are going to have a live web stream.