Rev Up: The Final Chapter

Rev Up The Final Chapter

April 16, 2015 1:00pm

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. First off, I want to apologize for missing the last two weeks, but my excuse is the reason why I’ve been putting it off. This will be the last time I will be writing the Rev Up here on Racer X Online

My column was born from the moment I sent Davey Coombs a blog following the 2003 Anaheim Supercross. He said he liked it and it would go up on Racer X’s website. I can still remember the day I clicked and saw my words on the greatest website in all of motocross. A couple of years later, I was having a beer inside Ricky Carmichael’s motor coach with Danny Dobey, and he said he was interested in sponsoring a column on Racer X Online. After a quick conversation with DC, the Thursday Rev Up came to fruition. It’s been twelve years of sharing my life and perspective through this outlet, and today I have to say goodbye. 

What’s it like to step away from something as small and simple as a weekly dirt bike column on the web? Well, these are the hardest words I’ve ever written. As motocrossers, we are all so passionate about our sport. As a motocrosser of thirty years, an amateur national champion, and a former pro, the sport means everything to me. Always has and always will. So, having the honor of being able to write about it here for so long, well, it’s easily my proudest achievement. I’m going to my twenty-year class reunion this summer, and when we all share stories about what we did with our lives, the first thing I’ll claim is my work on Rev Up.

When I told my pops that I was becoming a writer he shared some letters that our grandfather wrote while he was in France during his tour in World War II. The sentence structure and the way he described the green grass and the cold, wet mud was eerily similar to my writing style. I suppose the letters gave me some motivation and validity that I could actually write, and a reason why to write. Although, I wish I was better at it. I don’t consider myself a journalist, or even a professional writer. However, I’m proud of the fact that I can effectively convey feelings and emotions, particularly adrenaline, through my style. It’s one of the things I’ve done well in life, and it has rewarded me greatly.

To read more of Andy Bowyer's Rev Up columns, click here. 
To read more of Andy Bowyer's Rev Up columns, click here.  Photo: Thom Veety

I’ve given you guys everything I could for twelve years. Some of you long-time readers may have been able to notice, but throughout the years you could pretty much tell what was going on with me, good or bad. More than just writing about motocross, Rev Up was also my place to share some pieces of myself and my heart. I loved writing about the changing of the seasons and the holidays as much as Anaheim 1. Davey and the editors at Racer X gave me an open platform to pretty much write what I wanted to, and I did. Thinking along those lines, I’ll miss writing about Loretta Lynn’s every year more than anything, as those were my favorite columns. Actually, I’ll miss everything about Rev Up.

I have to step away because I earned a full-time position with Feld Entertainment as digital media specialist, which entails social media for two-wheeled motorsports. In addition, I’ll be on for another season of Race Day Live! as co-host. It’s a hell of a good excuse to have. I’m simply too busy to do the Rev Up on the side. The relationship between the two industry giants is outstanding, and when I told Davey and Jason Weigandt, they both sent warm endorsements. The job is what I wanted and worked so very hard for you guys to earn. 

A year ago I was sweating my ass off working in a metal fabrication warehouse in North Carolina. Next month I’ll move my family near Tampa, Florida, close to Feld HQ. The only way I was able to do that was through hard work and doing Rev Up on the side. It’s crazy to be so happy and proud about it, but at the same time heartbroken that this column will be no more. 

Again, it’s just a tiny dirt bike column on a website. But, it was so much more to me. It always will be my favorite thing I have ever done. I can’t thank you readers enough for allowing Rev Up to live and thrive for as long as it has. All I ever wanted to do with Rev Up was try my best to bring passion and excitement into words and make goose bumps go up your arms. In that effort, I’m proud that I was a success every now and then. 

I want to thank the entire staff at Racer X for their guidance, patience, and continued friendship. I especially want to thank Jason Weigandt who always took the time to help make me a better writer and reporter.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Goodbye, for now. 

Thanks for reading, see you at the races.