The List: Dungey and the All-Time Lists

The List Dungey and the All-Time Lists

August 5, 2014 5:50pm

Solid, strong, smart, consistent, fit: whatever adjective you run for the Dunge, it’s probably positive. Sure, it’s said that he could hang it out more and get more aggressive, but these are more complaints than out-and-out hates. Seriously, even if he’s not your favorite rider, you still have to like Ryan Dungey. In a world of polarization, he doesn’t leave too much to hate.

What are even more impressive are the stats he has accumulated over the last few years. Dungey is already ahead of almost every other rider ever in three main categories: 450 National MX Race Wins, 450 National MX Podiums, and the all-time AMA National Motocross Wins list. And yes, we’re counting properly by lumping the old 250cc two-stroke class with today’s 450 Class.

Now, let’s run the numbers, updated as of the most recent AMA National (Washougal two weeks ago).

(Numbers by Chase Stallo)

450 All-Time Wins

Ricky Carmichael 76

Ryan Dungey 30

Bob Hannah 27

Ricky Johnson 22

James Stewart 20

Kent Howerton 18

Jeff Emig 16

Jeremy McGrath 15

Jeff Ward 13

Ryan Villopoto 12

Ryan Dungey is second on all-time career 450 wins list. 
Ryan Dungey is second on all-time career 450 wins list.  Photo: Simon Cudby

450 Career Podiums All-Time

Ricky Carmichael 84

Kevin Windham 55

Mike LaRocco 53

Ryan Dungey 51

Chad Reed 45

Rick Johnson 43

Bob Hannah 41

Jeff Emig 39

James Stewart 38

Jeremy McGrath 35

Jeff Ward 35

Dungey is fourth in all-time 450 podiums. 
Dungey is fourth in all-time 450 podiums.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Second all-time in 450 wins, and fifty-one podiums in less than five seasons in the class. Dunge has those fifty-one podiums in just fifty-seven starts! 

We will, however, throw in a caveat: for about ten years from the late 80s to the early 90s, the 250cc and 500cc Nationals were split, with each class racing around six of the twelve rounds per year. That means guys like Johnson, Ward, and Stanton only got half the starts in this class as others would have had over a similar time frame.

But this stat line doesn’t lie: 

Motocross Combined Wins

Ricky Carmichael 102

James Stewart 48

Ryan Dungey 37

Bob Hannah 37

Jeff Ward 36

Broc Glover 35

Rick Johnson 33

Ryan Villopoto 31

Jeff Emig 29

Mark Barnett 25

Dungey is tied for third with Bob Hannah with 37 combined wins.
Dungey is tied for third with Bob Hannah with 37 combined wins. Photo: Simon Cudby

You might have seen it floating around that Dungey has already jumped Hannah into third on the all-time list, but that’s a list combing only the current classes (450 four-stroke/250 two-stroke and 250 four-stroke/125 two-stroke). We at Racer X wanted to also combine the defunct 500cc Nationals, so the win stats from that class are reflected above. Hannah’s two 500 wins push him back into a tie for third with Dungey… but remember The Hurricane is considered one of the all-time greats. Dungey is right there with him. 

While we’re on this topic, here are some other numbers:

500 All-Time Wins

Broc Glover 19

Pierre Karsmakers 16

Brad Lackey 16

David Bailey 15

Jeff Ward 12

Ricky Johnson 11

Jim Weinert 9

Jeff Stanton 8

Chuck Sun 7

Mike Bell 6 

250 (or 125 two-stroke) All-Time Wins

James Stewart 28

Ricky Carmichael 26

Mark Barnett 25

Steve Lamson 20

Ryan Villopoto 19

Guy Cooper 16

Broc Glover 14

Jeff Emig 13

George Holland 13

Blake Baggett 13

250 (or 125 two-stroke) Career Podiums All-Time

Steve Lamson 47

Mark Barnett 40

Guy Cooper 40

George Holland 35

Ricky Carmichael 32

Johnny O’Mara 31

Ryan Villopoto 31

Mike Brown 30

Erik Kehoe 30

Jeff Emig 28

Broc Glover 28

James Stewart 28

Jeff Ward 28